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Solid Rock Realty, Brokerage

Branches: Ottawa, Brockville, Kingston, Toronto, Oakville, Cambridge



As a new agent, when you are looking for a Brokerage let's face it, they all sound very similar.  Solid Rock Realty is a full service Brokerage focusing on supporting the businesses of our Agents,  not corporate interests.   We’re all one team, supporting each other, growing our personal businesses together through collaboration and the exchange of ideas.  At Solid Rock everyone is an owner in the company -this means when you’re successful, everyone is successful and that is why every one of our REALTORS® is here to help you.  

What do we offer?

  • Low Annual Fulfillment - meaning you pay the brokerage less per year and take home 100% of your commission sooner;
  • 6 Week New Agent Training Program with our Success Coach;
  • One year One-On-One Personalized coaching with our Success Coach; 
  • Mentorship Programs for both Residential AND Commercial Real Estate;
  • No Hidden Fees- $130/m gets you everything including your own account with of the top Client Management Systems, Lead capturing landing pages, Listings website, the ability to book showings online and a host of other technology platforms to help you be more productive;
  • Virtual Trainings multiple times a week, including two weekly Open Forum trainings with New and Experienced Agents, to keep you connected to your colleagues, informed and supported;
  • Pre-qualified, Pre-contacted referrals (NOT COLD INTERNET LEADS)  Real People, ready to work with a REALTOR® directly into your pipeline, exclusive to Solid Rock Agents
  • RESIDUAL INCOME earning opportunities;
  • No Answering Machine queues to wait in. Call our office for help and reach a real person in real time;
  • 100% Canadian, your clients will respect that you work for a local company.

If Solid Rock Realty sparks your interest, connect with us today. Start your business on a SOLID foundation.  

As a real estate coach, I understand the fear of not "making it" as a Realtor. But there isn't just one thing that determines success in real estate.

With a customized approach, I will help you thrive by focusing on your strengths and experiences. We'll build confidence, improve skills, and create effective strategies. By providing great service and building relationships, you'll gain loyal clients and referrals for long-term success.

Let's overcome doubts and fears together, turning your love for real estate into a rewarding career.  Give me a call/text at:  613-292-6223

Sherry Laporte, Success Coach

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