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Royal LePage Signature Realty, Brokerage

Branches: Downtown Toronto, Don Mills, Mississauga



With 50 years of experience in the GTA real estate market and a dynamic environment with more than 1,100 Realtors, Royal LePage Signature Realty has an undeniable track record of success.

Our agents thrive in this environment. How might a powerful, positive environment impact your success?

Your real estate office has a major impact on your real estate career. Will you be in an environment that encourages success?

Your first years in real estate are formative and set the stage for your future success. At Royal LePage Signature Realty, we have a proven new agent system so you can get off to a great start and create a foundation for a successful career.

Our new agent program includes:

  • Powerful Training: Four distinct levels of training to propel you from beginner to winner and beyond
  • Supportive Culture: Where you’ll receive expert guidance in an environment that helps you succeed
  • Personalized Website: To present yourself in a professional way, with no monthly charges
  • Presentations: Complimentary listing and buyer presentations – saves you time and money
  • Postal Walk: Marketing that includes research, coordination, and even financing of the printing for you, saving you time
  • High Energy: Office environment with world-class facilities for peak performance and encouragement
  • Free Coaching: Dedicated managers on-site and always available to help you choose the right course and stay on track
  • Personalized Mobile App: To send your lead generating app to everyone in your contact list
  • Design Studio: A full-service graphic design studio to help you attract clients and save you money
  • Amazing Admin Services: Admin staff prepare your offers, amendments, and other paperwork, replacing the need for a personal assistant
  • Top Developer Access: Platinum partner relationships that give your clients front of the line access to new construction opportunities.
  • Full-Service Commercial Division: Lease/sell commercial property in addition to residential property.

Royal LePage Signature Realty provides the most comprehensive new agent program. Your success is our success.


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