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Looking For A Very Specific Person

The Polsinello Team

RE/MAX Hallmark Polsinello Group Realty, Brokerage, Newmarket


We’re intentionally and intelligently built to be better than what’s come before. We're dedicated to the people we serve, the communities we sell and the environment in which we live.

Our smart agents are the next generation of real estate pros for modern clients, mixing start-up energy with stellar service and highly specialized knowledge of particular architectural styles and area neighbourhoods.

Our next-level digital platform and marketing strategies are programmed to outperform and outsell in today’s (and tomorrow’s) market. Whether you’re looking for a downtown loft, a beach cottage or a kid-friendly subdivision, our passion for people, places and properties make us work harder…and we’d love to be the next - and best - call you make when it comes to real estate.

We're Looking For A Very Specific Person:

  • Those that are generally...awesome!
  • Those that treat the Client as if they are the boss...because they are.
  • Those that do the right thing, every time.
  • Those that understand you are what you do...not what you say you'll do.

Our Value Proposition

We teach you HOW to EARN 5 star reviews.

What Does That Mean?

People read reviews.  We live in a review society.

Everyone does...YOU do.

Google The Polsinello Team and check out ours.

  • 100 5 star reviews means 100 Past Clients.
  • 100 Past Clients means you get referrals for life.
  • Referrals for life means you can live on Self-Procured payouts for the rest of your career.
  • Living on Self-Procured payouts for the rest of your career means we've done our job as your Team!

How Do We Do It?

We believe that Real Estate shouldn't be a one-time proposition.  If we do the right thing, every time, people will use us, every time.  That only happens if we approach real estate from a different angle.  One that puts the client's motivations ahead of everyone else's.  An approach that helps the client make the most informed decision possible.  We believe strongly:

  • Every house is the RIGHT house at the RIGHT price.
  • Every house is the WRONG house at the WRONG price.
  • Remember, you don't make your money when you sell your house, you make it when you buy!
  • There's no such thing as a once in a lifetime deal...there will always be other deals. 

Your GOAL should be to become a EDUCATOR, not a salesperson.

We're a team and people are the most important thing to us (and we only bring on about 1 in every 5 applicants)...But because, unlike most brokerages, we DON'T just take everyone with a pulse, we can offer some amazingness...

Team Partner Perks & Benefits:

  • Dedicated Team Support Staff
  • Customizable Buyer & Seller Leads
  • Listing Suite & Coordination Team
  • Success Coaching & Mentorship Program
  • Automated CRM & Workflows
  • Production Tracking
  • Inside Sales Department
  • Full Physical, Digital &Social Media Marketing
  • Workplace Office Communication

There's, of course more...and this list does not include all of the intangible benefits that come with not having to manage every aspect of a high performing real estate business on your own.

Seriously...what other industry is set up where a single individual is expected to manage the entire operation soup to nuts...

A Little Humble Brag:

  • We are consistently ranked in the top 30 of ALL RE/MAX teams in Canada.
  • We are consistently ranked in the top 50 of ALL RE/MAX teams GLOBALLY.
  • We fall within the top 0.1% of ALL agents on TRREB.
  • We are VOTED the coolest Realtors in the Greater Toronto Area* (*by our friends and family members).

Need More Info:


Here's what a few of our Team Partners have to say...

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Sound too good to be true?  Ask one of our agents for their review:  Reply back and I'll give you a roster of agents to call.

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