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What's an 'RCI'?

It goes without saying that every mark on an OREA examination is important. Seventy-three or seventy-four marks is so close, and yet so far away. It’s one thing to miss marks because you forgot or didn’t know; but quite another if you hastily answered without reading answer options c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y. As an example, one Passit MCQ that causes a lot of difficulty involves the RCI process. This innocent-looking question, focused on RECO’s RCI process, has a high failure rate. Many pick what appears to be an obvious choice, which states that RCI stands for Registrant Complaints and Investigations. While this sounds really official, it’s wrong. RCI stands for Registrar Complaints and Inquiries.

As the old saying goes: The devil lies in the details. Now let’s go back to Registrant Complaints and Investigations. While the acronym RCI involves complaints about registrants, the program is overseen by the Registrar, not the registrants; hence the R in RCI. The second word Complaints is correct for C. Lastly, the word Investigations is not correct, as investigations lie beyond the RCI process. RECO even puts investigations  (and inspections) under a separate course topic just to make that point very clear. The correct word is Inquiries. A fundamental part of the RCI process is inquiring about written complaints to determine whether or not action is warranted.

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