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Does Passit provide questions that are on the exam?

NO! Replicating exam questions is illegal and Passit does not condone such activity. As a staunch supporter of academic integrity, we continuously subscribe to excellence in education products. All Passit study guides, notes, interactive exercises, videos and questions are custom-designed, exclusive and copyrighted. We provide challenging study formats and wordings so you can tackle exam day with confidence. Passit is designed to help you grasp and understand the course materials by challenging you with a holistic approach to learning, supported by sound pedagogical principles. Expertly-crafted study guides like ours are internationally recognized and widely used to enrich learning, expand knowledge and strengthen study habits.

In 2021 and 2022 numerous real estate registrations were voided/terminated by RECO after a detailed investigation involving academic misconduct; i.e., buying/selling exam questions, exam cheating, etc. It is unclear whether any of these individuals would be allowed to reapply to Humber or be registered in the future by RECO. Humber made it clear that academic misconduct would not be tolerated:

"Additional cases may result in the rescinding of a learner’s program credential or completion status with the corresponding notification to RECO, as required by policy."
"Humber will continue to review and monitor previous, current and future exams, and will address any cases of suspicious behaviour or learner misconduct on an individual basis."

Be very wary of anyone promising actual exam questions, requesting strange payment arrangements, messaging privately or arranging offline meetings. You could be setting yourself up for a Humber credential rescission, or RECO registration refusal/termination or other legal action. Govern yourself accordingly!