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Using Passit for your Humber College Real Estate Course

MCQ is an acronym for Multiple Choice Question.
The required mark to pass a Humber College real estate exam is 75%. Each exam is entirely multiple choice (choose one correct answer).
Yes, each Humber College real estate exam is entirely multiple choice (choose one correct answer).

A methodical and focused study approach using Passit! Learn more, cram less! Use the Passit Power Plan for your course—it includes a detailed plan to get the most out of your Passit study guide. Here are the Passit Power Plans for the Humber College real estate courses:

Many students skim the course, then become frustrated when they're tripped up on exam MCQs. That's why learners use Passit. Each Passit question includes detailed answer feedback for each answer option and a specific course location reference so you know exactly where to find the applicable content in course materials. If you need extra help, take advantage of the free resources provided to you by your course provider:

  • Humber College provides a free education support line. Humber learner support is available to assist with any course topic at (416) 675-5025 or 1-888-626-3090 (choose option 6, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m.–8:30 p.m., Saturday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm). You can also reach Humber College Learner Support at

Absolutely! Lots of Passit users are last minute studiers, do extremely well on their exams and carry practice-ready skills to their new career. Here's our master study plan for getting the most out of Passit during those last few days:

  • Set aside 45 minutes for each study session
  • Warm yourself up with 10 Rapid Recalls
  • Challenge 20 MCQs in Study Mode, Entire Course option
  • Review your results and note your areas of difficulty
  • Review Study Buddy notes and applicable course materials
  • Take a break, refresh!

Repeat this pattern as time permits, paying attention to the topics you found challenging and re-reading Study Buddy notes and applicable course materials to ensure a solid understanding of the content. Challenge the Top 10 and Test Mode when you're feeling confident! For additional details, check out our blog post: Last Minute Studying.

Yes! Passit IS NOT a replacement for your course materials. It is designed to be used together with your course to improve your understanding and challenge your ability to apply the concepts covered. Skimming the course or relying solely on someone else’s notes without actually reading the program materials is shortsighted. The courses are significant in size but are readable if you give yourself enough time. We recommend one module per day. Check out the Passit Power Plan on your Passit study guide main menu for detailed tips and study strategies. Each guide includes over 550 MCQs designed specifically to challenge your knowledge and understanding of the course content. They are organized by module, which means you can tackle new questions for each module. Aim for a score well above 80%.
Yes, Study Buddy notes drill down to the most challenging and important topics in an easy-to-use online format including summary infographics. They are a perfect sidekick for your course and a great last-minute reminder of crucial details. Each Passit guide also includes detailed answer feedback, topic tips and solution details for every question to further advance your study experience, expand your knowledge and equip you for an informed, practice-ready entry into the real estate marketplace. Study Buddy is currently available in all Passit Guides for Humber College real estate courses.

NO! Replicating exam questions is illegal and Passit does not condone such activity. As a staunch supporter of academic integrity, we continuously subscribe to excellence in education products. All Passit study guides, notes, interactive exercises, videos and questions are custom-designed, exclusive and copyrighted. We provide challenging study formats and wordings so you can tackle exam day with confidence. Passit is designed to help you grasp and understand the course materials by challenging you with a holistic approach to learning, supported by sound pedagogical principles. Expertly-crafted study guides like ours are internationally recognized and widely used to enrich learning, expand knowledge and strengthen study habits.

In 2021 and 2022 numerous real estate registrations were voided/terminated by RECO after a detailed investigation involving academic misconduct; i.e., buying/selling exam questions, exam cheating, etc. It is unclear whether any of these individuals would be allowed to reapply to Humber or be registered in the future by RECO. Humber made it clear that academic misconduct would not be tolerated:

"Additional cases may result in the rescinding of a learner’s program credential or completion status with the corresponding notification to RECO, as required by policy."
"Humber will continue to review and monitor previous, current and future exams, and will address any cases of suspicious behaviour or learner misconduct on an individual basis."

Be very wary of anyone promising actual exam questions, requesting strange payment arrangements, messaging privately or arranging offline meetings. You could be setting yourself up for a Humber credential rescission, or RECO registration refusal/termination or other legal action. Govern yourself accordingly!

Yes! All of our guides are monitored, updated and expanded to reflect Humber's most current course materials and industry specific changes that occur frequently. The accuracy and effectiveness of our study guides are top priorities!
Each module has a varying number of Passit questions available. This fluctuates as it depends on the length and complexity of the module and updates/additions/deletions that occur on a regular basis. The Passit application remembers which questions you have answered and endeavours to provide you with new questions before repeats. Overall, we recommend not focusing on answering every possible question but instead taking the time to carefully read and understand all answer feedback, explanations, Topic Tips and relevant topics within the course materials. As every exam is different, this strategy will help ensure you're learning, not memorizing, and can tackle any question on exam day.

Activation, Order Numbers & Login

The Passit site automatically generates confirmation e-mails once a payment has been successfully processed. If ten minutes or more have passed and you have not received an order number and getting started instructions by e-mail, please contact us for assistance. Note: The confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address entered at checkout or associated with your Passit account. Remember to check your junk/spam folder, as sometimes confirmation emails are filtered by email systems.

This error may appear if:

  • You used a card that is not in Canadian currency. Our checkout system currently only supports Canadian cards.
  • You mistyped your card number or the 3-digit code on the back of your card.
Passwords are case sensitive, so double-check your typing to make sure the field is accurate. Sometimes browsers auto-fill the password field for you (based on prior visits and sometimes based on old passwords)—clear the field and retype your password to ensure what’s entered is accurate. If you still have trouble, choosing a new password is quick and easy, follow the steps at
Passit access times are based on your course's recommended completion time. There's lots of time for most students. If you need extra time, you’ll find extension options on your Passit Dashboard under Extend Expiry. If your guide has expired, you’ll need to purchase a new order number to re-activate your guide.

Tech Questions

Passit is a web app that works in any current web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and Internet Explorer). Open up your favourite browser and sign in from any location at
Yes, Passit access requires that the device you’re using has a connection to the internet.
No, Passit study guides are accessed entirely online and are not printable or downloadable in a PDF format.

Available Study Guides

The study guide for the Real Estate Broker Program: Courses 1 to 4 is currently in development and anticipated to be available in April 2022. To receive an email notification when additional details for this guide are available, you can sign up here.

Passit now offers study guides for:

If you’d like to be notified when details are available for Humber Simulations 1 and 2 please sign up for email alerts or like/follow us on Facebook.

Each Passit Guide is created specifically for your course, and shares the same title as your Humber College real estate course. Visit the Passit Study Guide list and choose your course title to obtain detailed information about each study guide, including sample snapshots, feature explanations and purchase options.

Becoming a Real Estate Salesperson

To sell real estate in Ontario you must complete these steps:

Here's a helpful infographic that summarizes the process. Passit offers companion online study guides for each real estate exam in the program.

To apply for registration with RECO as a real estate salesperson in Ontario, you must first complete the pre-registration program at Humber College. With diligent study, students can complete the program within 6 – 9 months. The program must be completed within 2 years. The Real Estate Salesperson Program Learning Path highlights the courses and exams required. Passit offers companion online study guides for each real estate exam in the program.

The minimum cost to complete the educational requirements to become registered as a real estate salesperson in Ontario is currently $4,160. Once the education component is complete you must also consider the following start-up costs:

  • RECO Registration Application: $590
  • RECO Insurance Fee: $475
  • Costs to Join Organized Real Estate (e.g., real estate board, OREA, CREA). These vary by area and are subject to change. Here are the current fees if you elected to join the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board, as an example:
    • Entrance Fee (One-Time): $460
    • Membership (Annual): $680
    • OREA & CREA Entrance Fees (One-Time): $400
    • OREA & CREA Membership (Annual): $420
      The above fees are subject to HST.
  • Additional costs to consider: advertising, phone, car, computer, signage, website development, etc.

Do I have to join a real estate brokerage to register with RECO?

Yes, the RECO salesperson application form requires the brokerage name, registration number and the broker of record's (or other authorized individual's) signature. You can connect with a brokerage at any time. We recommend researching brokerages early, as many offer assistance for real estate students, and this can help to fast track your first year. Examples include:

  • Access to Training, Seminars and Brokerage Events
  • Pre-Registration Jobs, e.g., Unlicensed Assistants
  • Guidance and Mentoring

Use Passit Scout to easily research and connect with brokerages in your area that are seeking new salespeople.

Once I finish the real estate courses, do I have to register with RECO right away?

No. You have one year to register with RECO upon completion of the pre-registration phase.

Can I work full time while completing the real estate courses?

Yes. The majority of the real estate education program is self-directed e-learning, which means you can complete the courses at your own pace and schedule. Once you begin the program you have two years to complete the pre-registration phase. There are two mandatory simulation sessions that must be attended. These sessions can be scheduled on weekdays or weekends. Due to COVID-19, these sessions are currently only offered via Zoom, which means you attend them from home. Simulation sessions are 9–5 and require your active participation. Simulation #1 is a five-day program and Simulation #2 is a four-day program. Passit offers companion online study guides for each real estate exam in the program.

What do I need to apply to the Real Estate Salesperson Program at Humber College?

You will need to provide a Candian secondary school diploma, GED certificate or an acceptable equivalent credential. The application process is entirely online and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Getting started in the program is a three-step process, here is a breakdown of the steps.

What are the minimum requirements to become a real estate salesperson in Ontario?

To apply for registration as a real estate salesperson with RECO you must:

  • Complete the pre-registration phase of the Real Estate Salesperson Program (previously offered by OREA College, now offered exclusively by Humber College);
  • Be 18 years of age and a resident of Canada;
  • Obtain a Criminal Record & Judicial Matters Check (either via Commissionaires or Frontier One); and
  • Complete the RECO application form on MyWeb and be accepted as a registrant.

Note: The Registrar will review key details on the application form to determine your acceptability as a registrant. This includes information relating to bankruptcies, unpaid judgements, licence/registration suspensions, pending or prior convictions, etc. You can create a free MyWeb account to access the application form.

These FAQs may quickly resolve issues and answer commonly asked questions. If you have other questions, Contact Us.