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How much does it cost to get a real estate licence?

The minimum cost to complete the educational requirements to become registered as a real estate salesperson in Ontario is currently $4,110. Once the education component is complete you must also consider the following start-up costs:

  • RECO Registration Application: $590
  • RECO Insurance Fee: $475
  • Costs to Join Organized Real Estate (e.g., real estate board, OREA, CREA). These vary by area and are subject to change. Here are the current fees if you elected to join the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board, as an example:
    • Entrance Fee (One-Time): $460
    • Membership (Annual): $680
    • OREA & CREA Entrance Fees (One-Time): $400
    • OREA & CREA Membership (Annual): $420
      The above fees are subject to HST.
  • Additional costs to consider: advertising, phone, car, computer, signage, website development, etc.
  • Also, the post-registration education phase must be completed within the first two years of RECO registration for $655.