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Why Choose Passit For OREA Exam Preparation

If you’re hunting online for notes and questions for OREA exams, ensure you make the right study choice. Here are some important reminders when purchasing exam prep materials online:

  • Don’t be Fooled
    Passit is the only online study guide officially endorsed by OREA. Be skeptical of promises of actual current exam questions (remember: each exam is different and frequently updated), claims that you can “ditch the textbook” and quick, easy passes. Success on your exam is based on your knowledge of the course material and application of the course concepts.
  • No Mysterious Buy Process
    We’re upfront, established and trusted. All purchases are secure and we have a 10-year proven track record. Check out our guides, our reviews/testimonials and our free tips and exam info while you’re here!
  • Watch Out For Stale Questions/Notes
    OREA’s courses are revised regularly. Our interactive online questions, notes and explanations are continuously updated to ensure you’re studying the most recent course material. Each question includes specific course location references to OREA’s current course materials so you know exactly what to review and where to find it.
  • Get a Complete Study Package, Not Just a Part
    1,000+ interactive questions in each guide with extensive explanations/notes plus an actual retired OREA exam*
  • Don’t Waste Valuable Time Flipping Pages
    Maximize learning with our great online study features: custom question set generator, online dashboard/progress reports, timed sample tests, Top 10 (most difficult questions), and more.
  • Use Our Powerful Practice/Recall Technique
    Online learning is fast, effective and saves you time. Detailed feedback for each answer option helps reinforce concept understanding (not just right or wrong, but why).
  • Great for Desktop or Tablet
    Ideal for review/recall anytime, anywhere; lunch hour, late night or last minute exam prep.
  • Bet on a Proven Track Record
    The online study guide trusted by thousands of students since 2010.

*Retired exam available in all guides except The Real Estate Transaction—General, as this course is completed in combination with The Residential Real Estate Transaction