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Why Choose Passit For Ontario Real Estate Exam Preparation

If you’re hunting online for notes and questions to prepare for Humber College real estate exams, ensure you make a smart study choice. Here are the key points when researching study materials online:

Don’t be Fooled

Be very wary of promises for actual copies of exam questions, unqualified guarantees that you will pass the exam and claims that you can ditch the course. Replicating actual exam questions is illegal and Passit does not condone such activity. Each exam is different and frequently changed. Success is based on your knowledge of course materials. Passit helps you learn in a fun, engaging way with extensive study notes, hundreds of interactive, challenging questions and full answer explanations. Our study guides help elevate your understanding of concepts so you can apply that knowledge on exam day to any question. Memorizing questions is a recipe for failure.

No Mysterious Buy Process

Watch out for “e-transfer me and I’ll send a PDF later”, “meet me in a parking lot with your cash”, and social media messages asking if you’d like help, notes, etc. Passit is upfront, established and widely trusted, and your purchase is processed securely. We have a proven track record helping aspiring salespeople achieve their RECO registration since 2010. Just ask a real estate salesperson or a friend at a brokerage, and also check out our thousands of verifiable reviews.

Beware of Stale Questions and Notes

Out-of-date information can mean the difference between passing and failing your exam. The Ontario real estate licensing courses, leading to RECO registration, are revised regularly to reflect key legislative updates and industry-specific changes. Our extensive, proprietary database of online questions, notes and explanations are meticulously updated to ensure you’re studying the most recent course content. Each question includes specific location references so you know exactly what to review and where to find it in the course materials.

Stick With The Experts

Assess the quality, legitimacy and accuracy of the materials you’re using.

  • Who has Written the Content? Student-written content can be a red flag – you don’t know if it’s accurate, if the student writing it fully understood the concepts or if it was written months or years ago. All Passit guides are developed by Ontario real estate education experts – our research and development team has over 100+ combined years of experience in the real estate profession. Our lead content expert has contributed to Canadian real estate education programs for more than 40 years, authoring over 40 licensing courses, continuing education programs and reference publications. That’s a true and trusted knowledge source that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Is it Trustworthy? Ask a real estate salesperson how they prepared for their real estate exams — you will find most used Passit! Before committing time and money, make sure your study materials are reliable and credible. Students frequently report scams from pop-up ads, sidewalk signs or social media posts promising everything you need to pass, only to find out they are cobbled up PDFs of old student notes.
  • Who is Providing it? Some ‘tutors’ are students or new real estate salespeople looking for extra income with little or no real estate training, knowledge or experience. Sometimes, it’s just a hook to recruit you to their brokerage/team so they can receive bonuses or other incentives for doing so. Passit is not a side hustle — we excel at what we do, because that’s all that we do. Developing exceptional study materials for the real estate industry is our complete focus.

Get a Comprehensive Study Package, Not Just Bits and Pieces

Our study guides include everything you need, all in one place. Each guide includes extensive study notes, a minimum of 1,000+ interactive questions, extensive explanations for each answer option, fully detailed tips for complex topics, complete solutions for all math questions, study tips, exam strategies and summaries of all recent course updates.

Humber College Courses and OREA College Courses are NOT the Same

The Humber College Real Estate Salesperson Program is not the same as the OREA program (ended June 2021), so don’t rely on any materials that aren’t specifically designed for the Humber program. Passit study guides are extensively researched, custom-developed and continuously updated for each Humber real estate course.

Passit Note: This blog post was originally posted in September, 2019 and significantly updated in January, 2022 with additional tips and info.

Discover the amazing features included in every Passit study guide. Passit is currently available for:
• Humber Course 1: Real Estate EssentialsHumber Course 2: Residential Real Estate TransactionsHumber Course 3: Additional Residential Real Estate TransactionsHumber Course 4: Commercial Real Estate TransactionsHumber Broker Program: Qualifying ExamHumber Broker Program: Final ExamHumber Interprovincial Challenge Exam

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17 Responses to Why Choose Passit For Ontario Real Estate Exam Preparation

  1. Passit Admin

    Hi Khadija, The Passit Guide for Humber’s Course 1, Real Estate Essentials is in development and we anticipate availability in October (we won’t set a date until the guide is close to completed — accuracy, helpfulness, comprehensiveness are our top priorities!). You can keep track of all Passit news relating to the new Humber program here: and you can sign up to receive an email alert when our new Humber study guides are available here: It’s important to note that OREA’s Course 1 and Humber’s Course 1 are very different (the curriculum has changed significantly) — you won’t want to purchase any materials that relate to OREA’s courses if you’re a Humber student. Hope that helps to clarify!

  2. Safa

    Hello Khadija. This is Safa. Have you enrolled in the first course? I have enrolled in it. We can maybe keep in touch ?

  3. Passit Admin

    Hi Rafi, the Passit Guide for Humber’s Real Estate Essentials course is expected to be available in October — we’ll set an availability date as the time gets closer. In the meantime, you can sign up here to receive an email alert as soon as details are available.

  4. Khadija

    Hey yes sounds good to me! I need all
    The prep I can get lol

  5. Passit Admin

    Ok! Remember to sign up for an email alert so you know as soon as there’s important updates that relate to the new Humber Real Estate Salesperson Program.

  6. Elena Ukrainski

    hi everyone i’m also taking a course is there anyone who wants to study together ‘ help each other out ,

  7. Passit Admin

    Hi Khadija, the Passit Guide for Real Estate Essentials will be available in the latter part of October.

  8. Passit Admin

    Hi Brian, The most recent OREA guide to be released was for the Real Estate Broker Course, and our next several guides will be for Humber’s new pre-registration courses, and then we’ll plan from there (so it won’t be in the near future).

  9. Mohammad Zubair

    I’m approaching to Course 1 exam on 11th February. Please share tips . Thanks

    • Passit Admin

      Hi Mohammad, congrats on getting started in Course 1! You will find some helpful study tips and strategies in the Passit Power Plan for Course 1. Our top study strategies are to tackle the course on a module-by-module basis (read the module, then use Passit for that module to test your knowledge). This helps prevent reading overload, focuses your learning in achievable chunks, and challenges you to apply what you’ve read (but maybe not fully understood).

  10. Steven Kovacevich

    Hello I’m interested in the Humber realestate program but would like a broad veiw on prepatory material before I become a student of the program. Thanks!

    • Passit Admin

      Hi Steven! Here’s some brief info and links to help give you an overview of study materials for the Humber College Real Estate Salesperson Program.

      The learning path provides the pre-registration course requirements. Passit currently provides online study guides for Courses 1, 2, 3 and 4. Each guide is customized for the particular course and developed by industry experts to ensure you have an accurate, comprehensive and reliable study sidekick to prepare for each exam. We focus on simplifying complex concepts, providing extensive explanatory notes, ensuring ample practice through challenginq questions and putting practice-ready competencies front and centre. You can find the details about each study guide at Select a guide to access sample snapshots, feature explanations and purchase options. All of our guides are custom-developed by industry experts, fully comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date. The prices range from $39.99 – $47.99 and access times vary from 6 weeks to 10 weeks. We recommend using Passit Guides alongside your course materials for the best results. You can find out what other students think about the helpfulness of Passit at

      If you’re considering getting started in the real estate salesperson education program all the details you need are at When you’re ready to apply for the program, you can see admission details here. Humber offers telephone and email support if you have additional questions about the real estate salesperson program from the “Contact” section of their site. They are your best point of contact for any questions relating to eligibility, admission requirements, costs, timelines, etc.

      We hope that helps to answer some of your questions!

  11. Abdur

    I have exam in 3 weeks for the first test. Need some study materials

    • Passit Admin

      Hi Abdur, here’s a link for the Passit study guide for Humber Course 1. This guide includes everything you need to be well-prepared for the first Humber College real estate exam, including practice exams, detailed answer feedback for each answer option, in-depth content explanations, course content summaries and much more. Click any sample image at the above link for a full-screen view of each Passit feature. You will also find helpful study tips and strategies in the Passit Power Plan for Course 1.

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