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Why Choose Passit For Ontario Real Estate Exam Preparation

Passit Guides for the new Humber Real Estate Salesperson Program are now available for Courses 1, 2, 3 and 4. Stay updated by signing up to receive email alerts for new guides and features.

If you’re hunting online for notes and questions for Ontario real estate exams (Humber College or OREA), ensure you make the right study choice. Here are some important reminders when purchasing exam prep materials online:

  • OREA Courses and Humber Courses are NOT the Same
    The new Humber College Real Estate Salesperson Program is not the same as OREA’s program, so don’t rely on any materials that don’t specifically indicate the title and provider of your real estate course.
  • Don’t be Fooled
    Be skeptical of promises of actual copies of exam questions (remember: each exam is different and frequently updated), claims that you can “ditch the textbook/course” and guaranteed passes. Success on your exam is based on your knowledge of the course material. Passit helps you learn the course materials in a fun, engaging way with hundreds of interactive, challenging questions and full answer explanations. That helps elevate your understanding so you can apply that knowledge on exam day to any question (memorizing questions is a recipe for failure).
  • No Mysterious Buy Process
    We’re upfront, established and trusted. All purchases are secure and we have a 10-year proven track record. Check out our guides, our reviews/testimonials and our free tips and exam info while you’re here!
  • Watch Out For Stale Questions/Notes
    The Ontario real estate courses are revised regularly. Our interactive online questions, notes and explanations are continuously updated to ensure you’re studying the most recent course material. Each question includes specific course location references to current course materials so you know exactly what to review and where to find it.
  • Get a Complete Study Package, Not Just a Part
    1,000+ interactive questions in each guide with extensive explanations/notes for each answer option, fully detailed tips for complex topics and complete solutions for all math questions.
  • Don’t Waste Valuable Time Flipping Pages
    Maximize learning with our great online study features: custom question set generator, online dashboard/progress reports, timed sample tests, Top 10 (most difficult questions), and more.
  • Use Our Powerful Practice/Recall Technique
    Online learning is fast, effective and saves you time. Detailed feedback for each answer option helps reinforce concept understanding (not just right or wrong, but why).
  • Great for Desktop or Tablet
    Ideal for review/recall anytime, anywhere; lunch hour, late night or last minute exam prep.
  • Bet on a Proven Track Record
    The online study guide trusted by thousands of students since 2010.

22 Responses to Why Choose Passit For Ontario Real Estate Exam Preparation

  1. Khadija

    Still waiting on the pass it for Humber college! Any idea when it will be available, since the courses already started?

    • Passit Admin

      Hi Khadija, The Passit Guide for Humber’s Course 1, Real Estate Essentials is in development and we anticipate availability in October (we won’t set a date until the guide is close to completed — accuracy, helpfulness, comprehensiveness are our top priorities!). You can keep track of all Passit news relating to the new Humber program here: and you can sign up to receive an email alert when our new Humber study guides are available here: It’s important to note that OREA’s Course 1 and Humber’s Course 1 are very different (the curriculum has changed significantly) — you won’t want to purchase any materials that relate to OREA’s courses if you’re a Humber student. Hope that helps to clarify!

    • Safa

      Hello Khadija. This is Safa. Have you enrolled in the first course? I have enrolled in it. We can maybe keep in touch 😊

  2. Rafi

    When will the passit be uploaded for real estate essentials first exam?

    • Passit Admin

      Hi Rafi, the Passit Guide for Humber’s Real Estate Essentials course is expected to be available in October — we’ll set an availability date as the time gets closer. In the meantime, you can sign up here to receive an email alert as soon as details are available.

  3. Dawood

    Hi Khadija,
    I just enrolled in Humber college for real estate representatives. We can in touch and prepare for exam

  4. Nasim


    I am currently enrolled in the first course, I have on module 4 currently and was wondering if anyone else on here would like to perhaps discuss course material to prep for the first exam.

    This module (4) is a bit more complicating to understand in my opinion compared to the previous ones, would love anyone who is willing to help better understand this material until the Passit becomes available.

  5. Khadija

    Is anyone waiting for the pass it to
    Come out to complete the first exam?

  6. Dawood

    I am waiting for passit to become available.


    I am also waiting for passit to come up with guide and tests.

  8. Khadija

    Any idea on approximate dates about when it will be available?

    • Passit Admin

      Hi Khadija, the Passit Guide for Real Estate Essentials will be available in the latter part of October.

  9. Passit Admin

    For Humber real estate students looking to connect with others in the program, we’ve created a new online community for you to share, learn and communicate. The platform is easy to use and free –

  10. Brian

    Any word on when the Passit guide to “Principles of Mortgage Financing” will be ready? Are you planning on creating one?

    • Passit Admin

      Hi Brian, The most recent OREA guide to be released was for the Real Estate Broker Course, and our next several guides will be for Humber’s new pre-registration courses, and then we’ll plan from there (so it won’t be in the near future).

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