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This guide, custom-developed from the ground-up, is tailored specifically to help you successfully tackle the Interprovincial Challenge Exam. Our complex engine powers the best online study tool available, including personalized and correctly-weighted question sets, smart-saved progress history, interactive question layouts and continuous results tracking. You get professionally developed study materials, delivered in a robust, intuitive package. Access Passit from any current web browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox or Internet Explorer).

825+ Multiple Choice Questions

Sample Multiple Choice Question

How It Works

Each multiple choice question includes detailed explanations for all four answer options. Our MCQs range from testing basic knowledge to complex scenarios. You'll know why the correct answer was right and the incorrect answers were wrong. Topic Tips and Solution Details are included, where appropriate, to ensure your full understanding. A handy location tag is located at the bottom of each question telling you exactly where to find the topic in your Humber reference materials.

575+ Rapid Recall Questions

Sample Rapid Recall Question

How It Works

Our rapid recall flash cards include fully-detailed answer explanations. Flash cards help you learn faster because they promote active recall. It’s one of the ways that our brains learn most effectively. Get a better grip on exam topics by studying online anytime, anywhere. To keep things lively, Passit also tracks the total questions you've answered correctly in a row, which is saved as your current streak. Each question has a handy location tag, which tells you exactly where to find the topic in your Humber reference materials.

425+ TERMinator Words & Phrases

Sample Lingo Looper Puzzle

How It Works

TERMinator challenges your knowledge of key terms and phrases in a fun and engaging way. For each card, you'll drag and drop the appropriate term to earn points. TERMinator is an engaging and challenging way to consolidate your knowledge of key words and concepts.

Progress Tracking

Sample Progress Tracking Snapshot

How It Works

It's easy to get lost in a sea of questions and lose sight of personal progress. Our Passit dashboard tracks your results each time you access the study guide. The dashboard displays key information about your progress, all arranged on a single screen so you can monitor it at a glance. It’s part of our dynamic, custom engine that is personalized just for you. Passit even remembers your question history, so subsequent MCQ sets are optimized based on your previous study sessions.

Location Tags

Passit Reference Details and Topic Review Lists

How It Works

Individual location tags in Passit MCQs and Rapid Recalls make studying and review so much easier. You know exactly where to find each topic in your Humber reference materials. There’s more good news . . . after completing a set of MCQ questions, you can print a topic review list for each incorrect answer. It’s a powerful add-on that makes your study time more productive and focused.

Personal Study Options

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How It Works

One of our most popular features is the ability to choose what you want to study and focus only on that section. Many students use a section-a-day strategy: read the section, then tackle question sets specifically for that section in Passit until you're consistently achieving a high score. When you start a study session you'll have the ability to choose what questions to challenge: the entire course, specific Abstract sections or specific Humber PDFs.

The Abstract

Humber Interprovincial Challenge Exam Interactive Course Notes

How It Works

The Abstract streamlines exam-priority content by summarizing critical legislative requirements mandated for the Humber exam. The Abstract:

  • Visually display condensed notes to reduce study time. Accelerate your studies.
  • Highlight key points for focused review and recall.Just the facts, no fluffy stuff!
  • Summarizes important details into helpful infographics. Understand how it all fits together.
  • Prioritize course content by degree of importance (green, yellow and red). Know what you need to know!

Tough Topic Videos

Interprovincial Challenge Exam Tough Topic Videos

How It Works

It’s no secret that some exam topics are more difficult than others. Experience shows that short, illustrative videos simplify complex topics. These micro-learning experiences help organize, explain and simplify tricky, involved concepts. Better yet, bite-size visuals are an engaging way to optimize your studying, when combined with our other Passit study tools. They’re practical and save time, while delivering clear, easy-to-follow messages.

Strategy Guide

Interprovincial Challenge Exam Strategy Guide

How It Works

The strategy guide provides the info you need to streamline study time and confidently tackle this demanding exam. The biggest challenges are figuring out what you need to know, and how to effectively prepare. This guide gives you a guided quick-start to eliminate the mystery behind this exam and to get the most out of your study efforts.

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The Exam

Be Prepared For Everything

The Interprovincial Challenge Exam is required for real estate salespersons or brokers licensed in a Canadian province outside of Ontario who are seeking registration with RECO. This study guide provides everything you need to prepare for this challenging 3-hour multiple choice exam including detailed explanations of legislation impacting real estate trading in Ontario and over 1,800 practice exercises* to sharpen your exam skills. With over 25 statutes and codes to cover, this exam requires a methodical and focused study approach. Passit makes it easy!
*Multiple Choice Questions, Rapid Recalls and TERMinators

Why Do I Need Passit?

Without Passit’s clear learning path, you face the dizzying maze of thousands of pages in Humber College reference PDFs, minimal practice questions and no answer explanations. It’s daunting to get started and almost impossible to study effectively. This Passit online study guide focuses your study efforts and challenges you with hundreds of practice questions so it’s easy to be in top shape by exam day. Our team has spent over 10 years developing powerful study guides to help Ontario students, salespeople and brokers prepare for their real estate exams. You know the real estate business . . . we know Ontario real estate exams! Get the vital details you need to tackle this exam with confidence. Scroll to learn more.

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The Study Guide

Master The Nuances That Are Unique To Ontario

This Executive Guide has all the dynamic learning features that have made Passit the leading provider for real estate exam preparation in Ontario: interactive on-point testing mechanisms, expert-level multiple choice questions, premiere explanations and rationales, topic location identifiers/tags for all questions, an unmatched range of Rapid Recall flashcards, our exclusive Terminator challenger, and a personalized dashboard to continuously track progress.
But now, there's more!

Introducing The Abstract

ab•stract — concentrating the essential elements of something extensive


Know what you need to know. The Abstract streamlines exam-priority content by summarizing critical legislative requirements mandated for the Humber exam.


Our pedagogical experts (specialists in teaching methods) built The Abstract from the ground up. It’s a one-of-a-kind! We spent hundreds of hours sifting through thousands of pages of relevant content to extract and organize exactly what you need.


Details, explanations and examples are clear, concise and accurate. Trust the experts that have helped thousands of Ontario real estate students pass their pre-registration, post-registration and broker exams for over 10 years.

The Features You'll Love

What This Guide Includes

Adaptive Personalized App 

Passit is a custom-built, smart engine that drives an interactive, dynamic study experience, personalized just for you.

The Abstract

Trust pro-level, accurate, interactive notes that accelerate your studies, highlight key points for focused review and consolidate everything in one place.

825+ MCQs

Over 825 interactive multiple choice questions with easy-to-read explanations and topic tips to help pinpoint critical weaknesses and fine-tune exam skills.

575+ Rapid Recalls

Power up your studying with flash-card style, true/false questions with explanations for rapid recall on the go. Great for last minute reviews.

425+ Terminator Words and Phrases

Perfect for a quick study break, our unique Terminator challenges your knowledge of over 425 key terms and phrases.

Strategy Guide

Get up to speed quickly with step-by-step strategies to maximize results and minimize time.

Tough Topic Videos

Short, punchy explainer videos to help quickly consolidate complex concepts.

Personal Study Options

Tackle MCQs from specific Abstract topics or Humber PDFs. This is perfect to target weak spots or as a progressive study strategy.

Progress Tracking

The Passit dashboard tracks your personal progress to help keep you focused and motivated.

6 Week Access Time

6 full weeks of unlimited access to all parts of the guide for ONLY $99.99 + HST. Buy now, the 6-week access time only starts when you choose to activate the guide.

Forget random cramming and guessing. This study guide is custom-designed by real estate education experts to help you learn everything you need to know. You’ll enjoy the challenging, thought-provoking questions, on-point explainers, scenarios and real world examples. It doesn’t matter whether your last real estate exam was 2 or 20 years ago. We'll power you up for the exam challenge!

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose a consistent time each day and follow these steps:

  • Read a segment from The Abstract.
  • Use the MCQ 825 in Study Mode to target that specific Abstract content until you are consistently achieving over 85%.
    • Take the time to read all answer feedback and Topic Tips.
    • Ensure you understand why each answer option is right/wrong.
    • Check your Passit Topic Review List and return to the relevant topic(s) in The Abstract and Humber study materials.
  • Repeat for the next segment in The Abstract.

This depends on many factors, such as current industry knowledge, reading proficiency and the amount of daily time that can be committed to studying. We recommend setting aside 1–2 hours of study time per day (more if you’re a slower reader), giving yourself a break day every 5 days, and leave 3 days for review. So, unless you’ve already reviewed Humber’s PDFs, or are already very well informed about legislation impacting Ontario real estate, you’ll want to start studying at least 2 weeks before your exam date.

Passit Tip: The practice questions in this study guide will help gauge your preparedness. Starting with the guide first and then booking the exam is a good strategy, as rescheduling the exam date is an extra $50 ($110 if the exam is less than 7 days away).