Meeting to Discuss the New Real Estate Salesperson Program in Ontario

The Ontario Real Estate Salesperson Program—Delivered by Humber College

The OREA College closed in June 2021. Everyone seeking a real estate license in the Province of Ontario will now complete all required courses through Humber College. Find out more about the Humber College Real Estate Salesperson Program. Passit offers comprehensive study guides to help you prepare for each pre-registration exam.   

Here’s some basic info you need to know about the new education program to become registered as a real estate salesperson in Ontario:

1. Prerequisites To Apply

Read more about the application process here.

2. Course Curriculum

Humber College provides a detailed learning path. Here’s a brief summary of what you need to know:

  • There are a total of seven courses to complete the pre-registration portion of the program:
    • Course 1: Real Estate Essentials (online)
    • Course 2: Residential Real Estate Transactions (online)
    • Course 3: Additional Residential Real Estate Transactions (online)
    • Simulation 1: Additional Residential Real Estate Transactions (in-person or Zoom class)
    • Course 4: Commercial Real Estate Transactions (online)
    • Simulation 2: Commercial Real Estate Transactions (in-person or Zoom class)
    • Course 5: Getting Started (online)
  • The simulation sessions are mandatory in-person classes. Note: Due to COVID-19 all simulation sessions are currently running as online classes on Zoom.
    • Each simulation session can either be completed in one week (Monday to Friday) or 2-3 consecutive weekends.
    • Class sizes will range from 12 to 24 students.
    • During the simulation sessions, you will spend your time between the full group and various breakout rooms for role-play activities. Your attendance and participation is required for each day (9 – 5, with a 1-hour break for lunch).

3. Exams

  • There are a total of six exams (each course has an associated exam, except Course 5: Getting Started).
  • All exams are multiple choice (one answer only) and the minimum passing score is 75%.
  • Due to COVID-19 most exams are online only. As restrictions ease, more in-person exams will resume. Currently, a limited number of in-person exams are being written at the Humber College (North Campus) Exam Centre.

4. Program Fees

  • The total minimum cost for the Salesperson Real Estate Program is $4,160.
  • Fees are paid for each course as you progress through the program.
  • There’s some extra costs to consider:
    • $75 Program Application Fee (mandatory)
    • $100 Exam Retake Fee (only if you fail an exam and need a re-write)
    • $50 Simulation Assessment Retake Fee (only if you need to retake a simulation session).
    • $120-$280 for optional add-on support for Courses 2, 3 and 4 (classroom or virtual)
  • The full breakdown is available here.

5. Time Commitment

  • Highly dependent on you, as much of the program is self-directed.
  • Humber provides recommended course completion times to keep you on track.
  • The pre-registration phase could be completed in as few as 6 months or as long as 2 years.
  • Once the pre-registration phase is complete you submit an application to RECO for registration as a real estate salesperson. You then have 2 years to complete the post-registration phase.
  • Timelines may be impacted by the availability of simulation sessions and exams.

6. Program Start Date

Next Steps

When you’re ready to get started, remember that there are accurate, helpful, easy-to-follow online study guides available to help you prepare for each exam! Not sure if this will help? Check out what other Ontario real estate students had to say!

28 Responses to The Ontario Real Estate Salesperson Program—Delivered by Humber College

  1. Nicole Smith

    I would love to have passit for the current broker course! Please let me know if you have anything coming up for broker course

  2. Gautam Panchal

    Principles of Mortgage Financing – study material is available for this program?

  3. Marco

    Hi there
    Any in class to prepare for passing the first exam?
    I’m more of a classroom learner

    • Passit Admin

      Hi Marco, we don’t offer any in-person or classroom training here at Passit, and can understand that the online-only delivery of the course isn’t for everyone. The Passit Guide for Real Estate as a Professional Career is completely comprehensive, offering summary notes, accurate and challenging practice questions with complete answer feedback, topic tips, detailed solutions and helpful explainer videos. We find many people want to know the best way to study, so we’re providing the Passit Power Plan, download (free) here: Hope that helps!

  4. Nadine

    I have embarked on the first of the five courses and understand the OREA deadline for nov 2020 etc.
    As I have enrolled before April 30th 2019 what do I have ahead of me? I have seen mandatory in person simulation tests and cumulative final exam mentioned. Is this for the new curriculum roll out only or will we all be doing this regardless? I thought I had the choice to do all 5 courses online. Thank you!

    • Passit Admin

      Hi Nadine! You have enrolled in your real estate courses with OREA, which means you will follow the OREA curriculum, not the new Humber curriculum mentioned in this blog post (which is scheduled to start later this year). All of your courses will be as per the education program here: and can be completed online (though we do recommend taking The Real Estate Transaction—General in class if you have the ability). The in-person simulation sessions and final cumulative exam only apply to the new Humber program, not the current OREA program. Hope that helps to clarify!

  5. dave


    I enrolled in real estate investment analysis the course I really like it.

    However, I can’t find from your website.


  6. Kelley Schroeyers

    I’m currently studying and using PASSIT for the Principles of Property Management course. This course is currently only available with online learning. When I make an error on your testing and want to see where I can get the correct information PASSIT guide sends me to chapter and page. This does not work with online learning… am I missing something?
    I also have a second question…. my next course will be the Broker Course, and you have stated previously that you’d have a PASSIT Guide for this course. Is this going to be available soon?

    Thank you

    • Passit Admin

      Hi Kelly, for students taking online courses you have two options to take advantage of the location references in Passit:

      1. Use the Chapter, Topic and Subtopic only to locate the content in your online course (these will align with your online course, but you can’t use the page number)
      2. Use a PDF of the course, available from your My Portfolio account and the page numbers will help you quickly locate the appropriate material

      For your second question, the Passit Guide for the Real Estate Broker Course is coming this summer, we haven’t yet set the launch date, but you can sign up to receive an email alert once a date is set.

  7. Bugga

    Hello just wondering if the course will ever be in classroom or is it online only?

    • Passit Admin

      There are several varieties of course formats in the new program. Some are online-only, others are online-only with a paid add-on option of in-person or virtual classrooms, and simulation sessions are mandatory classroom. You can review all of the details on the learning path.

  8. Rita

    Can you please tell me what the Passing grade will be under Humbers Rules
    With OREA it was 75%

    Can you help

    • Passit Admin

      Hi Rita, from our understanding at this point the pass rate for Humber’s courses will be 70%75%. The same rules will apply to retaking the course as is presently (after two failed exams you’re required to retake the course).

      • Passit Admin

        **Update** Humber has updated their information regarding the pass rate — it is 75%, not 70%.

      • Ana

        I just took the first exam with Humber and I wish I had a review to retake the same exam. I am now anxious to fail again knowing that I need to retake the full course and repay 565.00 should I fail. I know I’d be a great salesperson but the costs to obtain the license does get beyond adorable when having to repay these amounts.

  9. Kiros Gebreyesus yohannes

    Exccellent, and I would wait until set up at kitchener waterloo area as well

  10. Jason

    I’m currently taking course 1 and nearly finished the Modules. When will the material be available from Passit for the Humber College version? I don’t want to book an exam until I use the material.

    • Passit Admin

      Hi Jason, the Passit Guide for Humber’s Real Estate Essentials course is expected to be available in October (likely the latter part of the month) — we’ll set an availability date as the time gets closer. In the meantime, you can sign up here to receive an email alert as soon as details are available.

  11. Muhib

    Hi, Are there any sample questions available for the new real estate course offered by Humber College.

    I have registered for Real Estate Essentials which is ending September 30 and i am not sure where to prepare for the exam.

    • Passit Admin

      Hi Muhib, we’re hard at work on the practice questions for the Passit Guide for Humber’s Real Estate Essentials course and expect to be offering availability late October — we’ll set an availability date as the time gets closer. Although you have a set timeframe to complete your course materials, you can choose the exam date that you like. For people who are looking for some additional study materials you may not want to rush your first exam as study materials will be offered soon. In the meantime, you can sign up here to receive an email alert as soon as details are available. Also, remember that OREA’s Course 1 and Humber’s Course 1 are two completely different courses – you won’t want to use any materials for OREA’s courses as they won’t align with what you need to know for your exam. Hope that helps!

  12. Sid

    How much time is allowed for each online course by Humber. I registered 9 days ago, and I see a message , you have to complete by 9/30. Is it error???. Looks like it is giving only 2 weeks access for one online course.

  13. Ambur

    I am wondering if the passit study manual is available yet. I’ve just completed the first Humber real estate course online. I am looking for a study guide and hopefully some examples of questions or practice exams. Thank you

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