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If my exam is this week, will Passit still be helpful?

Absolutely! Lots of Passit users are last minute studiers, do extremely well on their exams and carry practice-ready skills to their new career. Here's our master study plan for getting the most out of Passit during those last few days:

  • Set aside 45 minutes for each study session
  • Warm yourself up with 10 Rapid Recalls
  • Challenge 20 MCQs in Study Mode, Entire Course option
  • Review your results and note your areas of difficulty
  • Review Study Buddy notes and applicable course materials
  • Take a break, refresh!

Repeat this pattern as time permits, paying attention to the topics you found challenging and re-reading Study Buddy notes and applicable course materials to ensure a solid understanding of the content. Challenge the Top 10 and Test Mode when you're feeling confident! For additional details, check out our blog post: Last Minute Studying.