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What are Facilitated Review Sessions (FRS) for Humber College's Real Estate Courses?

Facilitated Review Sessions (FRS) are a series of optional, extra-cost group Zoom sessions run by Humber course facilitators as an add-on for select Humber College Real Estate eLearning courses. These are available for purchase after completion of Courses 2, 3 or 4 in addition to the course fees. These are not one-on-one sessions and are not related to Exam Reviews. The prices range from $140-$320. Access must be purchased in advance and sessions run on weekday evenings (consecutive Mon-Thurs, 6pm-9pm) or weekends (Sat/Sun 9am-4 pm).

Feedback from some students suggests that the sessions may not always align with expectations when considering the additional cost and the significant time commitment. Prospective participants are wise to weigh the benefits of these sessions against other available learning resources. Humber provides a free content support desk for course content questions by phone. Passit provides a study guide for less than $50 covering the entire course.