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This guide, designed from the ground-up, is tailored specifically to real estate and your OREA course. Our complex engine powers the best online study tool available, including personalized and correctly-weighted question sets, smart-saved progress history, responsive question layouts and continuous results tracking. You get professionally developed study materials, delivered in a robust, intuitive package. Access Passit from any current web browser (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox or Internet Explorer).

500+ Multiple Choice Questions

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Each multiple choice question includes detailed explanations for all four answer options. Our MCQs range from testing basic knowledge to complex case studies. You'll know why the correct answer was right and the incorrect answers were wrong. Topic Tips and Solution Details are included, where appropriate, to ensure your full understanding. A handy location tag is located at the bottom of each question telling you exactly where to find the topic in your OREA course materials.

300+ Rapid Recall Questions

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Our rapid recall flash cards have fully-detailed answer explanations. Flash cards help you learn faster because they promote active recall. It’s one of the ways that our brains learn most effectively. Get a better grip on course materials by studying online anytime, anywhere. To keep things lively, Passit also tracks the total questions you've answered correctly in a row, which is saved as your current streak. Each question has a handy location tag, which tells you exactly where to find the topic in your OREA course materials.

300+ Lingo Looper Terms

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Lingo Looper puzzles challenge your knowledge of key course terms and phrases in a fun and engaging way. For each card, you'll drag and drop the appropriate term to earn points. There's a Lingo Looper Puzzle for each chapter, and several overall puzzles so you can tackle terms from the entire OREA course. Lingo Looper is an engaging and challenging way to consolidate your knowledge of terms and concepts.

Chapter-Specific Study Option

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One of our most popular features is the ability to choose a chapter in the MCQ menu and focus solely on that chapter. Many students use a chapter-a-day strategy: read the chapter, then tackle question sets specifically for that chapter in Passit until you're consistently achieving a high score. When you start a study session you'll have the ability to choose what questions to challenge: the entire course, or specific chapter(s).

Progress Tracking

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It's easy to get lost in a sea of questions and lose sight of personal progress. Our Passit dashboard tracks your results each time you access the study guide. The dashboard displays key information about your progress, all arranged on a single screen so you can monitor it at a glance. It’s part of our dynamic, custom engine that is personalized just for you. Passit even remembers your question history, so subsequent MCQ sets are rearranged based on your correct and incorrect responses.

Location Tags

Passit Page References and Topic Review Lists

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Individual location tags in Passit MCQs and Rapid Recalls make studying and review so much easier. You know exactly where to find each topic in your OREA course. There’s more good news . . . after completing a set of MCQ questions, you can print a topic review list (including course page numbers) for each incorrect answer. It’s a powerful add-on that makes your study time more productive and focused.

Insider Videos

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It’s no secret that some course topics are more difficult than others. Experience shows that short, illustrative videos simplify complex topics. These micro-learning experiences help organize, explain and simplify tricky, involved concepts. Better yet, bite-size visuals are an engaging way to optimize your studying, when combined with our other Passit study tools. They’re practical and save time, while delivering clear, easy-to-follow messages.

Retired OREA Exam (The Exam Simulator)

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OREA provided us with one official retired exam for inclusion in Passit. You can challenge the OREA exam in Study Mode (feedback and scoring as you go) or Test Mode (feedback and scoring at the end). This popular Passit feature is a real bonus when self-assessing and confirming what you’ve mastered and what needs more attention. Just like our MCQs and Rapid Recall flash cards, all exam questions include handy course locator tags. This exam covers both The Real Estate Transaction—General and The Residential Real Estate Transaction.

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This study guide for OREA: The Residential Real Estate Transaction is no longer available - the final date to complete an OREA College exam was June 11th, 2021 and no further OREA exams will be scheduled. Visit OREA's website for additional information. Ontario real estate students will now complete all education requirements through Humber College. Passit Guides for the Humber College Real Estate Program are available for purchase here.

This Passit Guide covers OREA's The Residential Real Estate Transaction. Passit helps sharpen your skills about key topics including residential housing choices, how condominiums work, what rules apply to residential tenancies, how to handle rural/recreational property sales and what sorts of complexities are faced with new home warranties. The exam is really challenging, because it also covers the prior course The Real Estate Transaction—General. You can minimize the test jitters with lots of practice and that’s what Passit is all about. With this guide (plus the guide for General), we’ve got hundreds of questions along with complex multi-part case studies to build your confidence.

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