Eliminate confusion about these online marketing techniques when studying for the OREA exam.

Many students stumble over a Passit MCQ about push/pull technology (Real Estate as a Professional Career). It’s a straightforward concept discussed in the course text, but it seems to cause some problems. Here’s two summary points to help with your studies:

  • An Internet site offers products and services to potential customers. Savvy designers want to include attractive features that PULL customers to that site.
  • E-mail strategies rely on getting messages out to potential customers. As such, they PUSH information into the market.

Right now, you are focused on course materials and upcoming OREA exams. However, once registered as a salesperson, your attention will quickly shift to marketing, websites and e-mail strategies. Fortunately, sophisticated CRM (customer relationship management) real estate software awaits your arrival. For salespersons, lead generation and client/customer contact software will be a part of your expanding sphere of influence. Get prepared . . . technology is a significant part of any unfolding real estate career.