When buying real estate, it’s location, location, location. When studying for real estate exams, it’s practice, practice, practice. PassIt content developers know the value of the three P's. Simply put, adults learn best by doing. Learning by doing (i.e., practising with lots of MCQ’s) allows you to fine tune skills with lots of different question formats and wordings. Adults also need immediate feedback to let them know what topics to review and provide a great indicator of knowledge acquired. Practice may not make perfect, but is sure helps.

Practice gets you into exam mode faster by helping you concentrate on key course details and adeptly handling MCQ’s involving those topics. It’s a proven fact that learning is more effective when the learner is actively involved in the process and not just casually flipping pages in a book or clicking screens in an online program. Studying for an exam isn’t like passively watching television. You have to work at it. Practice questions stimulate working memory and your brain needs focused exercise to get it into exam shape.  Just like many things in life: If you don't use it, you lose it!