Here's an old exam rule: If all else fails and time is running out, take an educated guess. It's true—never leave a question unanswered. After all, the odds aren't that bad at 1 in 4—much, much better than gambling. Besides, some say you can improve those odds by: (1) eliminating any option that is completely unfamiliar to you; (2) closely analyzing different words in two options that essentially say the same thing; perhaps both are wrong; and (3) thinking of exceptions when the answer option contains an absolute word, such as must, always, etc.). The logic behind the third possibility is that it's easier to eliminate an answer by thinking of an exception, rather than debating its underlying truth. Our recommendation every time: Take the guesswork out of your next exam. Don't be content with 1 in 4 odds. Know the course materials, get lots of practice and beat the odds.