The Passit development team is passionate about providing an outstanding study experience when preparing for OREA exams. We are excited to offer many new, helpful features in each Passit Guide:

  • Single Sign On - All of your Passit Guides will now be consolidated under one Passit account. Login and guide activation is quick and easy, and all account settings are in one place.
  • Personal Dashboard - Each guide offers personalized progress indicators to help track your progress at a glance, including new stats such as Overall MCQ Average, Highest MCQ Score, Number of Questions Answered and Rapid Recall Average.
  • Review & Resume - Your last Passit MCQ session can be resumed and/or reviewed. You can easily pick up where you left off, even if questions were only partially completed.
  • Passit & Personal Top 10 - In addition to the Passit Top 10 (questions most difficult for everyone), you can now challenge a Personal Top 10 (questions you find most difficult). Both Top 10's are dynamically powered and auto-update to provide the most optimal challenging question set.
  • Exam Simulator Study Mode - The Exam Simulator can now be challenged in study mode for those who wish to complete an untimed exam and see their results as each question is answered.
  • Optimized Question Selection - Each MCQ study session and Rapid Recall flip screen is optimized and personalized based on your unique question history to ensure that new and balanced questions appear each time you study.
  • Test Timer Extension - For those who run out of time on a test attempt, we've included an option to add extra time.
  • Lingo Looper - We've introduced a new way to challenge your knowledge of terms and phrases. It's a fun puzzle-style game, available from the main menu in each guide.

We hope you find these new features helpful, and wish you all the best on your OREA exam.