Time is Running Out To Enrol in the OREA Real Estate Salesperson Program

Thinking About Getting a Real Estate Licence in Ontario?

They’ll soon be flipping the switch to change the courses to become a real estate salesperson in Ontario. The big question is… to wait, or not to wait!

Video Transcript:

You’ve probably heard that the OREA Real Estate College is closing and are wondering how this may affect you, especially if you’re considering starting a new career in real estate in Ontario.

The OREA Real Estate College has offered the licensing courses for years, but it’s closing. You only have until April 30th, 2019 to start the existing OREA program to become a salesperson. The new program, offered through Humber College, won’t start until July.

You have a decision to make:

  • Take the existing program and complete all courses and exams by November, 2020 (with OREA); OR
  • Wait for the new Humber program starting in July.

The new program details have not been released. There’s currently lots of unanswered questions: time commitment, costs, class locations, how many courses, how many exams, etc.

If you’re ok with the unknowns, waiting may be your choice. If you don’t want any surprises, seriously consider getting started before Apr 30, 2019. has all the details you need, has the tools to make exam day a breeze!

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8 Responses to Thinking About Getting a Real Estate Licence in Ontario?


    I am in my early 50’s and thinking about a career change . Real estate was my first passion but unfortunately never pursued. I am interested in information about the program, cost, time , etc

    • Passit Admin Passit Admin

      Hi Helen, that’s great that you’re considering real estate as a new career! This year the Ontario real estate education program is changing, which means you’ll have a bit of a wait to get the details you’re looking for (costs, times, locations, etc.). The new program is anticipated to start in September but the critical details are not yet available. You can sign up here to receive an email notification as soon as registration and program details are available.

  2. Avatar Gregory Shane James


    I’ve always had an interest in realestate and I’m ready to get started in a new career.

  3. Avatar Bhupinder

    Interested in starting career in Real Estate, from London Ontario, how to proceed.

    • Passit Admin Passit Admin

      Hi Bhupinder, This article provides an overview of the new real estate salesperson program in Ontario. The courses are offered through Humber College, and you can find all the details on their website. Passit Guides will be available soon for the new Humber courses, you can sign up for updates about the new guides here.

  4. Avatar Justin Price

    I’m very curious as to whether this program will be available at any other schools than Humber. I live in a location that’s not remotely close to a Humber campus (Kingston Ontario) however I am pursuing Real Estate as my career and would love the opportunity to take the course! will it be available online at all? Or held through other schools associated with Humber?

    • Passit Admin Passit Admin

      Hi Justin, Yes, Humber is working with Colleges across to Ontario to ensure that you’re able to attend classrooms and exams to complete the Ontario Real Estate Salesperson anywhere in the province. The list of available classroom and exam locations is expanding as the program is rolling out, you’ll find the full list of partnering locations here: It looks like the closest to you at the moment is Ottawa or Belleville.

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