Land titles now dominates land registry in Ontario, as the registry system has all but left the scene. However, it's easy to lose exam marks on some basic questions about how properties are registered in this province. Here's a 'land titles' quick test.

The land titles system:

1. uses abstract books when recording relevant property rather than cumbersome, out-of-date registry books.

2. is more effective than land registry because it includes previous property interests on title.

3. is more complex to search than the registry system, but has other advantages.

4. only requires a 10-year search of records to establish valid title, rather than the more lengthy registry search.

5. operates under three principles: mirror, insurance and recording principles.

6. provides for registration using a modern tract indexing system rather than the obsolete parcel number system found in registry.

Now that you've completed the test, here's the answer key: they are all false statements. Good success with your studying.