Course 1: Real Estate Essentials

Study Buddy Arrives!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there were pro-level study notes for Humber Course 1 . . . in addition to all the awesome Passit features you already love? Well, now there is! Study Buddy is a powerful interactive notes tool that drills down to the most mission critical exam topics in an easy-to-use online format. […]


Humber Course 1 Student Studying Passit on a Laptop

Passit for Humber Course 1 Available Now

The Passit team is excited to announce the first guide for the new Humber Real Estate Salesperson Program is available for purchase now. The Passit Guide for Course 1: Real Estate Essentials was created from scratch to ensure you have a powerful study sidekick for your exam. It includes: 400+ Multiple Choice Questions 550+ Rapid […]


New Passit Guide Coming Soon

Passit for Course 1 Available Monday, November 4th

We know many have been waiting for this! Passit for Humber’s first pre-registration course, Real Estate Essentials, will be available starting Monday, November 4, 2019. Each guide requires an extensive content development timeframe to ensure you receive a helpful, accurate and powerful study tool. The finishing touches are underway and we’re looking forward to next […]


Calendar for Choosing Your Humber Exam Date for Real Estate Essentials

Exam Scheduling Strategy

There has been some confusion as the Humber courses start because the course and exam scheduling follows a more traditional College structure than previously used for OREA exams. Here’s what you need to know: Each Humber real estate course has a definitive course completion time. For example, the first course Real Estate Essentials has a two-week completion […]


Register for Humber College's Real Estate Essentials

How To Register for Humber's Course 1: Real Estate Essentials

For those who have been patiently waiting, you can register now for the first course in the new Real Estate Salesperson Program offered by Humber College. Here’s the process: Step 1: Apply for the Real Estate Salesperson Program. The application fee is $75. The process is entirely online and takes less than 10 minutes to […]


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