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Real Estate Students Preparing for Exam

What's an 'RCI'?

It goes without saying that every mark on an OREA examination is important. Seventy-three or seventy-four marks is so close, and yet so far away. It’s one thing to miss marks because you forgot or didn’t know; but quite another if you hastily answered without reading answer options c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y. As an example, one Passit MCQ […]


Putting the Exam Puzzle Pieces Together

Counting Days for Closing Adjustments—Use a Rhyme

The typical Real Estate as a Professional Career exam includes at least one question on closing adjustments. The number of days in a month may be needed to calculate the correct answer. Here’s a well-known rhyme to help remember the days in each month (not provided in the OREA exam): Thirty days hath September,April, June, and November;All […]


Math Primer Calculations

Math Primer Added to ‘Real Estate as a Professional Career’

Frustrated by number crunching? Students currently studying for the Real Estate as a Professional Career exam will discover a helpful new Math Primer included in their Passit Guide. We created the Math Primer to assist students struggling with math fundamentals such as fractions, decimals and percentages. This new segment includes an explanatory document and 50 extra practice MCQs. While these questions […]


Man Completing Commercial Real Estate Forms

40+ MCQs Added to 'The Commercial Real Estate Transaction'

Exam developers assume that you have a solid working knowledge of agreements of purchase and sale studied in The Real Estate Transaction—General, when enrolling in The Commercial Real Estate Transaction. Therefore, we’ve added more than 40 MCQs directly focused on the Agreement of Purchase and Sale—Commercial (OREA Form 500). For many, these will be a review and […]


Young Business Executive Using Laptop For Exam Prep

More MCQs for Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading

We’ve got exciting news! More MCQs have been added to Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading (LSRET) to ensure you have lots of practice opportunities and a greater variety of challenging, informative questions. These new MCQs have been automatically added to all active and new guides for Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading. The guide now includes an […]


Woman Using Laptop with Passit Multiple Choice Questions

New Feature: OREA Practice Exams

MORE GOODIES for Passit users . . . OREA is providing us with a retired examination for pre-registration courses. We are including these (as they are made available to us) as a bonus feature within our study guides. We’ve been busy developing an Exam Simulator that provides immediate results feedback, answer rationales and course page references upon […]


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