Course Tips

Calculating Debt Service Ratios (GDS and TDS)

Debt Service Ratios: Study Tip

Don’t get tripped up on debt service ratio calculations: Watch for different payments. One multiple choice question may focus on principal and interest (PI), while another asks about principal, interest and taxes (PIT). In yet another, it may be a condominium with a portion of heating costs included (PITH). Be careful with time periods. MCQs can contain […]


Office Professionals Discussing Document

Mistakes vs. Misrepresentations

Students in The Real Estate Transaction General initially face a long, somewhat complex first chapter on contract law. A problem area for some involves mistakes vs. misrepresentations. A mistake (three types) is really just an accidental error: Common: Buyer and seller both believe something is true, but it’s not. Example: I believe that I own a lot (which […]


Class Learning About Ontario Land Titles System

Land Titles and Lost Marks

Land titles now dominates land registry in Ontario, as the registry system has all but left the scene. However, it’s easy to lose exam marks on some basic questions about how properties are registered in this province. Here’s a ‘land titles’ quick test. The land titles system: uses abstract books when recording relevant property rather […]


Studying Metes and Bounds with Laptop at Desk

Metes and Bounds

Like it or not, metes and bounds descriptions lie at the heart of Ontario legal descriptions. As a British colony, we inherited a bunch of weird terms from Jolly Olde England; e.g., fee simple, fee tail, freehold, and metes and bounds. (Fortunately, it didn’t extend to driving on the left side of the road). Technically, […]


Young Man Studying Joint Tenancy and Land Ownership

Joint Tenancy: Think 'PITT'

Land ownership can be a challenge for students enrolled in Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading. It’s a substantial course (over 700 pages) and acronyms can help when getting ready for the exam. They are easy to remember and can help sharpen your recall abilities on that important day. Here’s an example. Joint tenancy is one […]


Tackling Real Estate Math Questions

Math: A ‘Make or Break’ Issue for Some

Don’t get tripped up on the first course leading to RECO salesperson registration. Math is a deciding factor for some as to whether they pass or fail the Real Estate as a Professional Career (REPC) exam. Favourite testing topics include commission calculations, statistical analysis (means, medians and modes), real estate market indicators, basic math skills, metric/imperial conversions, […]


Real Estate Salespeople Meeting with Notes and Laptop

Exam Prep and 'Thinking Reading'

Don’t let your study world be consumed with reading and rushing, rather than concentrating. Reading comprehension is everything when it comes to exams. Here’s an example: The legal structure of a condominium is set out in the declaration and description, and typically consists of individually-owned units and common property held by unit owners in joint tenancy.  […]


Man Frustrated with Tricky Real Estate Exam Questions

19 Common Problem 'Terms' for REPC Students

Important Study Rule: Don’t gloss over the glossary. Here are examples of common terms in the Real Estate as a Professional Career textbook glossary that cause trouble for some students: Agent and Principal Mortgagee and Mortgagor REALTOR® and Registrant Agency and Representation Mean, Median and Mode Market Price and Market Value Rentable Area and Useable Area Nominal and […]


Man Confused About Real Estate Marketing Techniques

Was That a Push or a Pull?

Eliminate confusion about these online marketing techniques when studying for the OREA exam. Many students stumble over a Passit MCQ about push/pull technology (Real Estate as a Professional Career). It’s a straightforward concept discussed in the course text, but it seems to cause some problems. Here’s two summary points to help with your studies: An […]


Team Discussing the Consumer Protection Act

The Consumer Protection Act: Important Real Estate Exceptions

60% of Passit users (for Real Estate as a Professional Career) incorrectly answer a Consumer Protection Act question on their first attempt. A probable cause is its complexity when it comes to real estate. Here’s four key points to remember: 1. The Act DOES APPLY (for real estate purposes) to service-related agreements; e.g., buyer and seller representation agreements. […]


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