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Don't Make Hasty Changes When Reviewing Your OREA Exam

Don’t make hasty changes when reviewing OREA exam answers. Go through the same thought process. Think out all the angles, just like you did when first answering the question.

​​​​​​​If you rush, you may miss key details that you carefully analyzed the first time around. If you’ve made notes on the exam booklet (or note paper provided for the electronic exam), the process is even easier. It reminds you of the reasoning process leading to your first choice.

​​​​​​​When it comes to actually making a change, test researchers disagree on how to handle it. Some say you shouldn’t mess with an answer unless there are compelling reasons to do so. In other words, when in doubt, stick with the first answer. However, others have found evidence that a second shot at it can bring new perspectives to mind that warrant a change. The bottom line: The jury is still out. It’s really up to you. Fortunately, you can test ‘change’ and ‘no change’ theories yourself when using Passit. Try the MCQs in ​​​​​​​Test Mode and mimic an exam experience with timed question sets and post-test feedback.