Don't Miss Out on our Spectacular Canada Day Weekend Sale!

Seize the savings. Up to 20% off all study guides.

Get ready to be blown away by our incredible Canada Day Sale! For a limited time only, all our study guides are on sale, and you won’t want to miss out on these amazing discounts. Passit flash sales are a rare event. It’s time to celebrate the spirit of Canada while enjoying sensational savings.

This is your chance to seize the moment and indulge in unbelievable deals. But beware, time is ticking, and this opportunity will vanish before you know it. Purchase ANY Passit guide and enjoy up to 20% off. Offer ends July 3rd!

The sale price is automatically applied to each study guide purchase. Buy now or purchase directly from your Passit dashboard (if you already have a Passit account).

This is a limited-time offer. Buy before 11:59 pm ET on Monday, Jul 3, 2023. Offer not applicable to purchases made prior to Jun 29, 2023, or after Jul 3, 2023. Limit: 1 guide per course per customer. Access times start at point of activation, not at point of purchase.

15 Responses to Don’t Miss Out on our Spectacular Canada Day Weekend Sale!

  1. Paul G

    This is great deal!
    One question – can I purchase them now and active them months later?

    • Passit Admin

      Hi Paul, yes, you can purchase any study guide now and then wait to activate it at a later time. Your Passit access time only starts on the date you choose to activate your guide, not when you purchase it. You have up to one year from the date of purchase to activate your guide. Hope that helps!

  2. Morgan

    Hi, it looks like it’s still giving me the same prices as normal. Is the discount applied after ? What price is course 4 supposed to be with and without the discount? Thank you!

  3. Sharon Robinson

    Can I purchase 3 of the Passit modules at one time or do I have to purchase them individually.

    • Passit Admin

      Hi Sharon, each guide needs to be purchased individually. Start at and select the appropriate guide to be directed to that study guide’s purchase page. Alternatively, if you already have a Passit account, you can purchase each guide individually directly from your Passit dashboard (then use the left sidebar to choose the guide you’d like to purchase). Let us know if we can answer any other questions!

  4. Sarah

    I currently have guide 2 activated can I purchase the 3rd one in advance?

    • Passit Admin

      Hi Sarah! Yes, if you have your Passit dashboard open, you can select Course 3 from the left sidebar and follow the steps to add the Course 3 study guide to your Passit account. You will have the option after purchase to activate now or activate later. Choose activate later. Then click Course 2 from the left sidebar to return to your Course 2 study guide. Adding the guide directly on your Passit dashboard just makes it easier to activate when you’re ready as it will already be connected to your account. You can also buy your Course 3 guide anytime at (then, just save the order number to activate later). Let us know if we can answer any other questions.

  5. Tarun Rawat

    Hello , I am a passit user and paid full price for course 4 just now and no discount was applied for 20%, can you please check my account. Username is *******

    • Passit Admin

      Hi Tarun, the sale pricing was auto-applied on your dashboard – your purchase price for this guide was $35.99 + HST (the regular price is $43.99.+ HST). You can see the full list of guides with their original price and sale price at We’re removing your email address from your blog comment just to protect your privacy!

  6. Paula da Silva

    Good morning.
    How come Simulation 1 is no longer available?

    • Passit Admin

      Good Morning Paula! We have not previously offered a study guide for Simulation 1 – it has not yet been developed.

  7. nam

    hello, it look like its giving me same price? what is the price for sim 2 regular. it shows 21.46, is this price after discount or regular?

    • Passit Admin

      Hi Nam, the Canada Day sale price for Sim 2 is $18.99 + HST. The regular price is $23.99 + HST. You can see all of the pricing (sale and regular prices) at If we can answer any additional questions please let us know!

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