Man surrounded by OREA Exam notes

Exam Alert: OREA is "Upping Their Game"

If you think memorizing old exam questions works, think again! Not only are new exam questions constantly added to the OREA database, but existing ones are being cleverly altered to catch the unsuspecting student. Some existing MCQs now have reverse wordings that lead to entirely different correct answers, others have one or more deleted (or added facts) that significantly change scenarios and still others have new or altered answer options that completely mess up your memorized game plan.

Be forewarned: OREA is “upping their game” and so should you. If you want to be prepared for exam day, stop cramming and start learning! Use Passit – it’s a fun, interactive, comprehensive tool to help you understand the course content, making exam day a breeze. Take advantage of Passit’s most powerful features, including detailed answer explanations, topic tips and helpful explainer videos. Here’s the Passit Power Plan to help you achieve exam success (without memorizing old notes and outdated questions!).

The Passit Power Plan
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