Are You Prepared?

Exam Spotters Face Tough Times with OREA’s Computer-Generated Exams

Gone are the days of spotting OREA real estate exams; i.e., learning just the bare essentials and gambling on the balance. The OREA Real Estate College’s computer database randomly selects multiple choice questions (MCQs) when creating exams. Odds are you and your buddy at the next exam table are answering different exams. Predicting what will appear on an exam is tough. The best advice: Understand what’s in the course. Don’t believe those who say that they know exactly what questions are on the exam. 

The OREA Real Estate College produces multiple exams in split seconds. That’s why the developers of Passit Online Study Guides created lots of practice questions. The reason is simple. More questions mean more practice and adult learners thrive on practice. The more topics tested, the greater chance of learning, the greater the odds that key concepts are firmly placed in permanent memory. Passit is a powerful online tutor to get key concepts and topics into your brain, so you can recall them on examination day.