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What About Math?!

If you talk to a salesperson registered with RECO prior to 2020, you will quickly discover the math covered in the new Ontario Real Estate Salesperson Program (delivered by Humber College) is significantly less than what was covered in the previous OREA program.

Why is there such a discrepancy between the two programs on math? The OREA program tested math extensively, which ensured registrants were equipped to calculate and explain all details related to a transaction. The Humber program is more compliance-focused, giving more limited attention to math exercises for real-world applications.

To help, we’ve added a new section to Passit for Humber Course 2 and Humber Course 4, called the Math Primer. This is a helpful and interactive intro to math fundamentals that RECO assumes you know (but many do not or have forgotten). Brush up on your analytic skills and give yourself a math-boost before you get into a real-world situation that relies on them.

New Math Primer Feature For Humber Course 2 and Humber Course 4

This math primer is currently not required for the exam, but remember that new exam questions are continuously being added to the Humber database. Regardless, the primer is very important for those who want to be practice-ready for a real estate career. It helps with basic math skills about percentages, decimals and fractions for those who just need a refresher. As a practicing salesperson, you will be expected to complete comparisons or conversions for clients, e.g., % price increases/decreases, number crunching on market trends, list-to-sale ratios, imperial to metric conversions, commission calculations, etc. This primer gets you one step closer to being truly ready for your career.

Remember that all course materials are fair game on the Humber exams. Each exam is different and exams are updated frequently. Be prepared for anything on exam day — ensure you understand all math covered in the course and can accurately complete the math questions included in the Passit MCQ section.

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