Pencils for Making Exam Notes

OREA Exam Day: Calculations, Notes and Scribbles

When taking the paper-based OREA exam, you receive two items: The exam booklet (which has the MCQs) and the scantron sheet (where you mark your answers). The exam booklet is great for mind joggers. There’s lot of space to be creative. You can highlight key facts in questions, jot down your thought process, write reminders, and do calculations. Notes can be very important if your working memory starts to fizzle under pressure later in the exam. It’s like having friendly reminders right there at your fingertips, particularly when reviewing your answers when finishing. BUT, don’t forget that your notes, scribbles and doodles will be lost. . . the exam booklet stays in the exam room when you’re finished. Also, as a reminder, you can’t bring any scrap paper into the exam room.

Same general guidelines apply if you’re taking the electronic exam. OREA provides note paper for calculations, notes and scribbles. The note paper cannot be removed from the classroom. No need for the scantron card, because you select answers online.