Exam Day Stop Watch

OREA Exam Day: Clock Watchers vs Time Managers

No question, the clock is important, but don’t let it dominate exam day. There’s plenty of time if you attack things methodically. Here’s our suggestion:

  • briefly review all pages in the exam booklet (if a paper-based exam) or click through the questions (if an electronic exam);
  • check out any formulas, charts, resources, forms, etc; that have been provided;
  • start with the first question (calmly) and proceed sequentially, resist jumping around or rushing;
  • if you can’t decide on a question, circle it on the exam booklet (or bookmark it on an electronic exam) and move on;
  • when completed, return to the circled/bookmarked questions and make decisions; and
  • review all questions (calmly and rationally) as time permits, but avoid hasty let’s change it decisions. Last minute panic leads to silly mistakes. If there’s still pesky stragglers (the real toughies) and when all else fails at the end, rely on your intuition and make an educated guess. Never leave a question unanswered.