Making a To-Do List for Exam Day

Packing for OREA Exam Day

Taking the paper-based exam at one of OREA’s exam centres? Pack:

  • a pen (make sure it’s working and not a new, unused pen which may not work). You’ll need it to initial the exam contract and write the exam oath;
  • sharpened pencil(s) to fill out the scantron answer sheet (think in terms of filling out the (winning) numbers on a lottery form),
  • eraser (mistakes do happen);
  • calculator (check the battery; also it can’t store text);
  • a government issued ID (must have photo); and
  • your student number (last eight digits on the student card).

Additional tips: A small ruler also helps when reading charts (e.g., mortgage interest factors) and for careful line-by-line reading. Bring some water (and a snack if you like) . . . many finish early but you may need the full three hours. Most important: Check examination procedures and related information provided by OREA. Rules and regulations change from time to time.