Passit for Humber College Simulation 2—Now Available

The newest Passit study guide has all the dynamic learning features you love:

  • Interactive on-point testing mechanisms
  • Expert-level multiple choice questions
  • Premiere explanations and rationales
  • Detailed solutions and helpful strategies for math questions
  • The perfect collection of Rapid Recall flashcards, and
  • A personalized dashboard to continuously track progress.

For Simulation… there’s more! 

Case Studies

Tackle challenging, multi-part case studies to practice for course simulations, while also expanding your knowledge for real-world scenarios.

Test Triggers

Our newest high-demand feature! Test Triggers pinpoint facts buried in the simulations that are high-value exam targets.

Breakout Boosters

Build your confidence for role plays and group discussions. Plus, get a headstart for real-life meetings with clients once you’re registered.

This study guide has everything needed to tackle Simulation 2 with confidence:

  • Helpful, accurate, on-point practice questions.
  • Detailed math questions and solutions.
  • Concise summaries of mission-critical course content.
  • Videos and interactive challenges to elevate understanding.
  • In-depth explanations for those wanting a deeper dive.

The best part?
This study guide is available now for only $23.99 + HST.

Get started today and sail through Simulation 2.

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