Passit for Humber Course 2 Available Now

The Passit team is excited to announce the second guide for the new Humber Real Estate Salesperson Program is available for purchase now. The Passit Guide for Course 2: Residential Real Estate Transactions is our largest and most comprehensive ever! It’s packed with features to help make studying for this massive course straightforward.

  • 1,000+ Multiple Choice Questions (twice the size of a typical Passit Guide), with 200+ Informative Topic Tips
  • 450+ Rapid Recalls
  • 450+ TERMinator Words and Phrases
  • Based on 4,900+ Professionally Developed Learning Points/Explanations
  • Module-Specific Study Options
  • Focus on Fundamentals Question Sets to Solidify the Basics
  • Detailed Feedback for Each Answer Option
  • Scenario-Based Question Styles
  • Course Location Tags Including Page Numbers
  • Progress Tracking and Personalized Question Sets
  • Helpful Exam Prep Info:
    • Brain Trainer
    • Hot Topics & FAQs; and
    • MCQ & You
  • Tough Topic Videos

Getting started is quick and easy, and access is immediate. Not sure how to use Passit for success? Worried that your exam is next week and you don’t have enough time?

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  1. Avatar farzana

    hello when will course 3 be accessible?

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