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RECO Delays Simulation Session 2

Yesterday, RECO made an unexpected announcement to delay Simulation Session 2, which is the in-person 40-hour class that follows Humber Course 4: Commercial Real Estate Transactions

It is unknown when Simulation 2 will be available. In the meantime you will be able to continue the learning path and apply for conditional registration with RECO. Essentially, you will bypass Simulation 2 and complete it once it’s ready. 

Here’s how that impacts your progress (until Simulation 2 is launched):

  • Upon passing the Course 4 exam you will proceed to Course 5.
  • After completion of Course 5 you will be eligible to apply for conditional registration with RECO. This will permit you to trade, but only in residential real estate.
  • Those with conditional registrations will have two years to complete Simulation 2, and must complete this component prior to startingthe post-registration phase.
  • Once Simulation 2 is ready, the learning path reverts to its prior form, where Simulation 2 will be a mandatory course in the pre-registration phase.

This announcement shortens the time to become registered, which means many learners should prioritize planning for when Course 5 is complete. Remember, to obtain registration with RECO:

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