Study Buddy for Humber Course 3: It's Here!

Say goodbye to out-of-date notes. Study Buddy makes it easier than ever to tackle your exam with confidence.

Your favourite Passit feature has arrived for Humber Course 3, and it’s better than ever! Study Buddy 3 brings everything you’ve come to love and the magic you’ve been asking for:

More Tips
More Examples
More Explanations
All of the awesome.

This course is all about the details. Discover everything you need to know, in one place. Let Study Buddy consolidate the content and make sense of complex topics. The best part? It’s included at no extra cost in all Passit Study Guides for Humber Course 3.

Snapshot of Passit Study Buddy for Humber Course 3
  • Easy-to-read condensed topic overviews to improve understanding and streamline study time.
  • Just the facts, no fluffy stuff! Reliable and focused key topic explanations.
  • Study smart, not hard! Content prioritized by degree of importance (green, yellow and red).
  • Engaging visuals to demonstrate how topics fit together.
  • Avoid reading overload. Dive into Passit MCQs and Rapid Recalls to keep your brain engaged. TERMinator puzzles just add a bit of fun!

Study Buddy is perfect for last-minute reviews. Solidify what you’ve already read but maybe not fully understood. It’s a perfect companion to the awesome Passit features that you already love.

As always, every Passit feature is professionally developed by Ontario real estate education experts, so you can trust what you’re studying is accurate, comprehensive and continually updated. That means YOU can focus on the important stuff—passing your exam!

Get started now!

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