Study Buddy Now Available for Humber Course 2

Awesome news! Pro-level Study Buddy notes are now available in all Passit Study Guides for Humber Course 2. Humber’s course is massive—almost 4 times larger than Course 1—brace yourself for 4,800+ online screens. Want to know what you really need to know? Let Study Buddy consolidate the content and make sense of complex topics with professionally-developed notes that are accurate, comprehensive and continually updated. 

Study Buddy Sample for Humber Course 2: Residential Real Estate Transactions
  • Easy-to-read condensed topic overviews to improve understanding and streamline study time.
  • Just the facts, no fluffy stuff! Reliable and focused key topic explanations.
  • Study smart, not hard! Content prioritized by degree of importance (green, yellow and red).
  • Engaging visuals to demonstrate how topics fit together.
  • Avoid reading overload. Dive into Passit MCQs and Rapid Recalls to keep your brain engaged. TERMinator quizzes just add a bit of fun!

Study Buddy is perfect for last-minute reviews. Solidify what you’ve already read but maybe not fully understood. It’s a perfect companion to the awesome Passit features that you already love.

Get started now with a Passit Study Guide for Humber Course 2!

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