Machine-readable scantron cards/sheets are used in OREA's paper-based exams. (Note: iPads are used for electronic exams.) With paper-based, students mark (bubble) answer options for each multiple choice question. Those answers are then scanned to produce test results. Here's some tips:

  • when bubbling, fill the space for the appropriate letter (a, b, c, or d);
  • NEVER use a circle, check mark or a single line;
  • some like to bubble for each question; others find it more convenient to circle all answers in the exam booklet and then transfer (bubble) these at one time . . . it's your call;
  • make certain that you haven't entered the answer in the wrong location (e.g., Question 26 in the Question 25 or 27 spot);
  • do a clean job when erasing and changing your answer; and
  • allow review time to make certain that all bubbles are correctly located and none have been missed.