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Passit's Guide for the Real Estate Broker Course Available Now

Passit for the Broker Course Available Now

The Passit Team is excited to announce the next study guide in the series is available for purchase now. The Passit Guide for OREA’s Real Estate Broker Course was created from scratch to ensure you have a powerful study sidekick for your exam. It includes: 450+ Multiple Choice Questions (equivalent to 9 mock exams) 450+ Rapid Recall Questions 1 […]


Studying for the Ontario real estate exam.Studying for the Ontario real estate exam.

Say Hello to Study Buddy!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there were pro-level study notes for your OREA course… in addition to all the awesome Passit features you already love? Well, now there is! Study Buddy is a new study notes tool that drills down to the most mission critical exam topics in an easy-to-use online format. It’s perfect as a sidekick […]


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OREA Extends Broker Program Admissions Deadline

As a follow-up to our original post, if you’re considering getting your Broker licence, you now have more time to get enrolled. OREA has announced that the admissions deadline for the Broker Registration Education Program has been extended to the end of May 2020 (previously April 30, 2019). Also, the Real Estate Broker Course is […]


Real Estate Salesperson Researching Program Requirements to Become a Real Estate Broker

Set Yourself Apart—Become a Broker

2021 Update: This post related solely to OREA’s Broker Program which ended in June, 2021. All Ontario salespeople pursuing a broker’s license must now complete a qualifying exam through Humber College for admission to the program. Passit offers a study guide to help you tackle this cumulative theory exam with confidence! Update: As of April […]


Planning for the New Real Estate Salesperson Course in Ontario

RECO New Real Estate Salesperson Program Announcements

Update: The OREA College closed in June 2021. Everyone seeking a real estate license in the Province of Ontario will now complete all required courses through Humber College. Find out more about the new Humber College Real Estate Salesperson Program. Passit offers comprehensive study guides for each pre-registration course. If you’re still considering becoming a […]


Woman Studying for Ontario Real Estate Exams

Ontario Real Estate Registration Education: Transition Timeline

OREA’s 2019 courses are now available for enrollment at Remember the education path to become a real estate salesperson or broker in Ontario is changing and the deadline to enroll in the current education path is April 30, 2019. The costs, timeframes, and locations for the new program are still unknown, so getting registered in […]


Studying for the Course 3 Ontario real estate exam on an iPad

How To Tackle the OREA Course 3 Exam

This post relates to OREA Course 3. If you’re a Humber Course 3 student, you’ll want to read our Humber Course 3 Top 10 Tips and Study Strategies. One of the most challenging exams in the OREA curriculum is the combined one following The Real Estate Transaction—General and The Residential Real Estate Transaction. Here are Passit’s 6 key […]


Man on laptop learning about Ontario real estate trading rules

Tripped Up On Trading?

Don’t get confused as a new salesperson about when can you trade. First, you can’t trade in real estate directly; you can only trade on behalf of your employing brokerage. The brokerage is the agent, not you. It’s a very important legal distinction that can pop up in exam questions. Second, be clear about when you can […]


Studying the Maslow hierarchy of needs for real estate

A Maslow Quick Trip

Is Maslow messing up your mind? Try looking at the hierarchy of needs from a real estate perspective. It may help you remember the five stages. Physiological: First, you need a roof over your head just to get out of the weather. Doesn’t matter where it is—next to the tracks or above the local pizza shop. […]


How to Calculate Monthly TDS Payment for Real Estate Mortgage Qualification

Calculating Monthly PI Payment Based on TDS

Here’s an example that may help clarify how to calculate PI payments when a TDS is involved.Anycity Lending Inc. is assessing Buyer Gordon’s financial abilities to buy a resale home for $397,500. The borrower has an annual income of $90,000 with monthly credit card payments of $450. The property’s estimated annual property taxes are $5,600. […]


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