Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading

This OREA course first zeroes in on how property is owned, what surveys are all about, how titles are registered and who controls land planning, including the nitty-gritty on zoning, minor variances, severances and subdivisions. Course 2 also offers an insider’s look at how residential buildings are constructed, plus lots of details about inner mechanical workings. This content-heavy course is challenging. For Passit Guide details for this course visit Passit for Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading.

Studying for the Ontario real estate exam.Studying for the Ontario real estate exam.

Say Hello to Study Buddy!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there were pro-level study notes for your OREA course… in addition to all the awesome Passit features you already love? Well, now there is! Study Buddy is a new study notes tool that drills down to the most mission critical exam topics in an easy-to-use online format. It’s perfect as a sidekick […]


Class Learning About Ontario Land Titles System

Land Titles and Lost Marks

Land titles now dominates land registry in Ontario, as the registry system has all but left the scene. However, it’s easy to lose exam marks on some basic questions about how properties are registered in this province. Here’s a ‘land titles’ quick test. The land titles system: uses abstract books when recording relevant property rather […]


Studying Metes and Bounds with Laptop at Desk

Metes and Bounds

Like it or not, metes and bounds descriptions lie at the heart of Ontario legal descriptions. As a British colony, we inherited a bunch of weird terms from Jolly Olde England; e.g., fee simple, fee tail, freehold, and metes and bounds. (Fortunately, it didn’t extend to driving on the left side of the road). Technically, […]


Young Man Studying Joint Tenancy and Land Ownership

Joint Tenancy: Think 'PITT'

Land ownership can be a challenge for students enrolled in Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading. It’s a substantial course (over 700 pages) and acronyms can help when getting ready for the exam. They are easy to remember and can help sharpen your recall abilities on that important day. Here’s an example. Joint tenancy is one […]


Young Business Executive Using Laptop For Exam Prep

More MCQs for Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading

We’ve got exciting news! More MCQs have been added to Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading (LSRET) to ensure you have lots of practice opportunities and a greater variety of challenging, informative questions. These new MCQs have been automatically added to all active and new guides for Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading. The guide now includes an […]


Woman Studying for Ontario Real Estate Exams

Passit Online Study Guide for Land Structures and Real Estate Trading

The newest Study Guide for Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading boasts over 1,200 learning points (500 MCQs, 400+ Rapid Recall flip screens and 300+ crossword clues). We’ve also added a new feature called Topic Tips. Access time has been expanded to nine weeks to align with the larger Land Structures and Real Estate Trading course. This guide offers […]


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