Studying for the Ontario real estate exam.Studying for the Ontario real estate exam.

Say Hello to Study Buddy!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there were pro-level study notes for your OREA course… in addition to all the awesome Passit features you already love? Well, now there is!

Study Buddy is a new study notes tool that drills down to the most mission critical exam topics in an easy-to-use online format. It’s perfect as a sidekick for your OREA course or a great last minute reminder of crucial details. It’s available today in Passit’s Guide for Real Estate as a Professional Career, and coming soon to Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading and The Real Estate Transaction—General. Here’s what one of our beta testers had to say: 

“The new chapter wraps in Study Buddy helped me immensely. The math tips and tricks were exactly what I needed!ˮ

This new feature was heavily influenced by customer feedback so we’re really excited to get this in the hands of our users! 

Passit snapshot of the new Study Buddy Chapter Wrap for OREA's Real Estate as a Professional Career'
Study Buddy Sample

16 Responses to Say Hello to Study Buddy!


    When are you expecting Study Buddy to be launched for Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading and The Real Estate Transaction—General?

    Will you be eventually launching it for the other 2 courses as well?

  2. Avatar Natalia

    Hello, will you have the Mortgage
    articling course?

  3. Avatar maqsood

    hello guys,
    i m now here. attempting course 3 exams next week. lot to study and little worried about. anyone can guide me how to study well to pass exam.

  4. Avatar Denise

    I’ve signed up a few weeks ago for course one and my exam is March 23
    What is most important to study as I work full time and would really like to pass

    Thanks for all your help and comments

    • Passit Admin Passit Admin

      Hi Denise! Congrats on getting started with Course 1. The entire course is fair game for the exam, but you’ll really want to make sure you don’t skim over Chapters 2, 7, 8 or 9! We’re attaching the Passit Power Plan for this course below, which includes a study plan, some critical pointers about the course material, as well as some tips and tricks to keep you on track:

  5. Avatar Ruth

    Since you do not offer the 3rd course as of yet, I am considering MiniCram. Can you recommend or not? Thanks!

    • Passit Admin Passit Admin

      Hi Ruth! We offer study guides for ALL of OREA’s pre-registration courses, and as far as we know, Passit is the most comprehensive study guide available. We don’t know what is included in MiniCram’s offering but we can share some important things that make Passit unique, and hopefully that’s helpful for you.

      • Our guides are custom developed and fully interactive, which means you can be strategic about how you study, your progress is tracked and the app adapts to provide you the best question sets.
      • Our question database is exclusive, comprehensive, accurate, up-to-date and professionally developed (we’ve worked with OREA for over 10 years to ensure Passit is top-notch).
      • Each question includes detailed answer feedback for each answer option as well as topic tips, solution details and helpful explainer videos where appropriate.
      • We’re the only online study guide to ever be endorsed by OREA, and the only online study guide to include officially retired OREA exams.

      We know that’s likely more info than you were expecting! But we hope it’s helpful for you (and others) in completing study guide comparisons. Also, take a second to read some student reviews, they include some student’s strategies about how they’ve used Passit to pass their OREA exams.

      You can check out all of the features for our guide for The Real Estate Transaction—General here (including sample snapshots). The new “Study Buddy” is an add-on feature that provides a section devoted specifically to course summary notes. If that’s the only part that you’re interested in, this will be available soon for the third OREA course.

  6. Avatar Michelle

    Will there be a study guide for the Investing course of articling? If not, why not?

    • Passit Admin Passit Admin

      Hi Michelle! We don’t currently have a plan to develop a study guide for OREA’s “Real Estate Investment Analysis” (our development schedule is based on ensuring we develop and maintain top-notch study guide tools for our existing guides and developing new guides prioritized based on user requests). The next study guide to be released will be for “The Real Estate Broker Course”. Details for this guide aren’t available yet, but you can sign up for updates here:

  7. How long is this valid for

    • Passit Admin Passit Admin

      Hi Nino! Each guide has an access time that corresponds with OREA’s recommended course completion times. The guides for Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading, The Real Estate Transaction—General, and The Residential Real Estate Transaction include 9 weeks of unlimited use. The remainder of the guides include 5 weeks of unlimited use. Guides that expire can be reactivated with the purchase of a new order number, and extension/renewal purchase options are available for each guide if you need some additional time.

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