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Technical Questions

  • Can I use Passit on my cell phone?
    Passit provides functionality for most current cell phones with a minimum 4" display. Most areas of the guide are more suitable to larger displays including tablets. Rapid Recalls can be a great choice on smaller screens for last minute studying. Other functions, such as complex multiple choice questions using OREA forms, will be less suitable for cell phone usage. 

Available Study Guides

  • Will study guides be developed for other OREA Articling courses?
    Other study guides may be available in the future. To receive Passit updates by email sign up under Get Passit Updates below.
  • Do you have a study guide for the Interprovincial Challenge Exam?
    We offer study guides for each of the pre-registration courses required to become a real estate salesperson in Ontario. The interprovincial challenge exam covers material from each pre-registration course. Although there isn't one guide devoted specifically to this exam preparation, each of the study guides available are very helpful to test your knowledge of pre-registration course concepts. Each guide also allows you to focus on particular chapters, for example you could choose question sets only from Real Estate as a Professional Career, Chapter 9 or Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading Chapter 15.

    Here's feedback from a student who used Passit for the Interprovincial Challenge Exam (at the point of this user's exam not all study guides were currently available):

    I just wanted to let you know that I used all the Passit Guides for my Interprovincial Challenge Exam and found them to be invaluable both as a study guide and as a prep for the exam itself. The format and wording of the questions were so close to the actual exam that I actually felt very comfortable writing the exam. I ended up passing the exam with a very comfortable margin. My only regret is that the last 3 courses didn't have any guides to use. Thanks for all your excellent work.

    You may want to purchase one or more of the applicable guides based on your own personal comfort with the course material (some students find areas more difficult than others). You'll find all available guides at

Content Assistance & Exam Preparation

  • What is an MCQ?
    MCQ is an acronym for Multiple Choice Question.
  • Where can I get extra help?
    Many students skim the course, then become frustrated when they're tripped up on an MCQ. Each Passit question includes a specific course location reference so you know exactly where to find the applicable content. If you've read the course materials and are still stuck, remember that OREA provides free access to an OREA instructor by phone. The OREA Instructor Support line offers additional assistance with any course topic at (866) 444-5557 (Monday to Friday, 9:30 a.m.–4:00 p.m.). You can also post a course content question online via the OREA forum accessible from My Portfolio.
  • If I have Passit do I need to study the textbook?
    Passit isn't a replacement for your course materials. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the textbook/online course to improve your understanding and challenge your ability to apply the concepts covered in the course. We recommend a chapter-a-day strategy for exam success, check out the Passit Power Plan. Each guide includes over 500 MCQs designed specifically to challenge your knowledge of the course content, organized by chapter, which means you can tackle new questions for each chapter until you're consistently achieving a score above 75%.
  • Are Passit MCQs the same as what I will see on the exam?
    No one can predict what questions will appear on an OREA exam, as each is randomly computer generated and will differ from student to student. So, memorizing questions doesn't work. Passit is designed to help you learn the course materials by challenging you with questions that are representative of what you'll see on the exam, and providing you with detailed solutions and answer feedback for each answer option. Passit helps you to apply your knowledge and get comfortable with a wide variety of questions (and question styles) so that on exam day you’re well prepared. We’ve worked collaboratively with OREA for over 10 years to ensure we provide the most comprehensive study tool available.
  • Are Passit questions current?
    Yes! All of our guides are monitored, updated and expanded to reflect OREA’s most current course materials, including all Course Updates. The accuracy and effectiveness of our study guides is our top priority!
These FAQs may quickly resolve issues and answer commonly asked questions. If you have other questions, Contact Us.