Real Estate Salesperson Researching Program Requirements to Become a Real Estate Broker

Set Yourself Apart—Become a Broker

We know you've been waiting for this! This guide is now available at  
Update: As of April 5, 2019 the admissions deadline for the OREA Broker program has been extended from April 30, 2019 to the end of May 2020. View the follow-up post.  

If you’re a registered salesperson and are following the Humber program updates, you’ve realized this is a very strategic time to get your Broker licence. Here’s what you need to know:

  • It is still unknown when the new Humber Broker Program will be available. According to our sources, a qualifying exam will be required before enrolling in that program. This may be unsettling to some, as it is not required in the current OREA Broker Program!
  • Now is the time to make a decision. The last day to register for the existing OREA Broker Program is April 30, 2019 the end of May 2020. You must accept the enrollment contract by that date, but you don’t have to pay the course fee(s) until you decide to register for the course(s). You have until November 28, 2020 to complete the program.
  • A salesperson (who has completed the Salesperson Registration Program) can become a broker by successfully completing one additional elective and the Real Estate Broker Course.
  • Once the education requirements are complete, you will have one year to register as a broker with RECO. At point of Broker registration, you must have a minimum of 2 years experience as a salesperson.
    Special Note: You can take the Broker courses BEFORE having 2 years experience as a salesperson, but you just can’t register for Broker status until you have achieved that experience level.

Passit currently offers study guides for the Principles of Appraisal and Principles of Property Management elective courses. We are working on Passit for The Real Estate Broker Course to ensure you have a trusted and reliable sidekick for your final OREA exam! We have tentatively set a summer 2019 release date. You can sign up to receive an email as soon as more info is available. Visit for Broker Program details.

36 Responses to Set Yourself Apart—Become a Broker

  1. Avatar SS

    Hi I am currently giving my RE exams. Anticipating a finish date of May 15th, 2019. Can i enroll in the brocker program before finishing my RE Registration?

    • Passit Admin Passit Admin

      Hello! You will need to be registered as a real estate salesperson before you can enroll in the Broker Program. Once registered as a salesperson you’ll need two years of experience to apply for Broker Registration with RECO but you can take your courses in that timeframe. We recommend contacting OREA to verify your eligibility and the necessary timeframes for broker registration so you can be strategic about your plans once registered as a salesperson.

  2. Avatar DW

    I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting this course study guide! I’ve used Passit for all but one of my previous courses (You guys don’t have a Principles of Mortgage Financing course, or I’d be batting 1.000), and I’ve found the study guides to be invaluable! I have registered for the Broker Education Training. I will use Passit for the elective, and I won’t register for the Broker Course until you have released the Passit study guide for it! Looking forward to summer 2019! No delays, please!

    • Passit Admin Passit Admin

      Hey DW! We’re glad you’ve loved using Passit, and we’re excited to be working on the guide for the Real Estate Broker Course. It’s our top priority to provide an accurate, comprehensive, helpful and informative guide that helps you tackle the exam with confidence! Good luck with your elective and we look forward to seeing you back for the Broker Passit Guide this summer.

  3. Avatar Warren Bennet Pereira

    when can a buy the brokers course study guide

  4. Avatar Mark S

    Hi – when is this course guide going to be available?

  5. Avatar Mayssoun

    I’m writing my exam this end of May, with no pass it, I feel less ready!

    • Passit Admin Passit Admin

      Hi Mayssoun, we’re glad you’ve found Passit awesome for your previous courses! Unfortunately the Broker Passit Guide isn’t available yet. We wish you all the best on your exam! Stay calm and focused, remember to read the questions slowly and carefully. Even when you think you instantly know the answer, take the time to read all the answer options and eliminate all the incorrect options. Good luck!

      • Avatar Joeann Chabrol_Ali

        I feel lost with out Passit to help me in the Broker exam !!

        • Passit Admin Passit Admin

          Hi Joeann, it’s coming this summer but that may be too late for you. Good luck on your exam, we’re glad you’ve enjoyed using Passit for your other exams!

  6. Avatar Yan Qing zhang

    Hi, I just enroll the broker course, my exam date will be on August,03, will the pass it come out before that?

  7. Hi,

    It’s summer!! Any updates on when the Passit Broker Guide will be available? I start my course on July 15 and have booked my exam for the 30th. Would like to know if it’s imminent and I will bump my exam date…I had Passit for all but the Mortgage Financing and had to buy a lesser program for that. Really want the Broker Passit…

    • Passit Admin Passit Admin

      Hi Sandy! We are hard at work on the new Passit Guide for the Real Estate Broker Course and anticipate it will be available late summer. We’ll set a date as the time gets closer!

  8. I’ve used Passit for all my real estate courses, I just enrolled for my broker course I would like to know when the Passit for broker course is going to be available?

  9. I am excited to hear that Passit is releasing the Real Estate Broker Course. I used Passit for all my exams. What a big help! Hope I didn’t miss out on any new updates regarding its launch. By the looks of it, it has not yet launched. My exam is scheduled late September, so I am excited for the launch of this program guide very soon!

    • Passit Admin Passit Admin

      Hi Ela! We’re glad you’ve loved using Passit! You haven’t missed out – we haven’t yet launched this guide and expect it to be available in September.

  10. Avatar Ted Russell

    Hi I registered for the email alert, any updates on the release? My exam is late September. Thanks Ted

    • Passit Admin Passit Admin

      Hi Ted! We haven’t yet sent out an email alert as we haven’t set a date yet. Our team is hard at work on this guide, and expect it to be available in September.

  11. Avatar Michael

    The subscription site is telling me I’ve entered my email wrong. Please forward me the notification for the broker coarse at well. I have my exam the second week of october and anxiously waiting this update.

    • Passit Admin Passit Admin

      Hi Michael, thanks for letting us know, we’ve added your email address to the list for broker course notifications so you’ll get an email as soon as it’s ready (expected in September).

  12. Avatar Nick Fernandez

    Just checking in, any updates with the September date ?


  13. Avatar Chrissie

    How close are you to releasing Pass it for Broker? My exam is fast approaching and I would love to use this learning tool. Used it for all other courses and passed with with flying Colors 🙂

    • Passit Admin Passit Admin

      Hi Chrissie, we’re glad you’ve loved using Passit and look forward to having your back! The Passit Guide for the Real Estate Broker Course is scheduled to be released in the last week of September. Hopefully that is still in advance of your exam!

  14. Avatar Rishi

    May I know when can we get broker pass it course??

  15. Avatar Mohammed

    We are currently in the last week of September.
    When should we expect to be able to buy the broker course?

    • Passit Admin Passit Admin

      Hi Mohammed, we’re in the final stages for this guide and you can expect a release announcement within the next week. We know many people are anxious to get started – as soon as this guide’s ready it will become available at and all Broker email subscribers will receive an email alert.

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