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How Passit Works

We often receive questions from students looking for some extra details about how Passit works and why it’s helpful. To kick off 2019 we’re sharing a new video to help explain Passit’s most important features and to answer questions new students may have as they get ready to challenge their first Ontario real estate exam […]


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Exam Alert: OREA is "Upping Their Game"

If you think memorizing old exam questions works, think again! Not only are new exam questions constantly added to the OREA database, but existing ones are being cleverly altered to catch the unsuspecting student. Some existing MCQs now have reverse wordings that lead to entirely different correct answers, others have one or more deleted (or […]


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Ontario Real Estate Registration Education: Transition Timeline

OREA’s 2019 courses are now available for enrollment at Remember the education path to become a real estate salesperson or broker in Ontario is changing and the deadline to enroll in the current education path is April 30, 2019. The costs, timeframes, and locations for the new program are still unknown, so getting registered in […]


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OREA Changes Delivery Options

OREA has made some important changes to the delivery options for pre-registration courses. Here’s the details: Real Estate as a Professional Career (Course 1), Land Structures and Real Estate Trading (Course 2) and Real Property Law  are no longer available in-class. The Residential Real Estate Transaction (Course 3b) and The Commercial Real Estate Transaction (Course 4) can now be completed online or by correspondence. […]


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New Education Program: Notifications & Updates

In case you missed the news last fall, there will be a new Ontario real estate registration education program starting in the summer of 2019.  There’s limited details currently available, but we will be monitoring the changes closely and keeping you aware of the new program’s impact on your career path via our Facebook Page. Like or […]


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Passit at a Glance: The Ultimate Online Study Guide

Since 2010, Passit has been providing interactive online study guides to help in understanding OREA course materials and preparing for exams. If you are new to Passit, here’s some important details at a glance: Each Passit Guide is tailored specifically to individual OREA courses. Some guides include bonus features depending on areas students find most […]


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Important Updates to Four Study Guides

We are continuously updating our study guides to align with revised course materials. It’s been a busy year for adding and replacing questions. For example, early spring updates affected three study guides followed by June/July updates which altered three guides as well.  Our October round of updates impacted four study guides. Here’s just a couple […]


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Study Guide for Principles of Property Management Available Now

The Passit Team is proud to announce the next study guide in the series is available for purchase today. The Principles of Property Management online guide includes all the favourite Passit features  for $27.99 + HST: The Exam Simulator (1 Retired OREA Exam) 500+ Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) 300+ Rapid Recalls 200+ Terms in Lingo Looper/Crosswords We hope […]


New Ontario Real Estate Study Guide Announcement

Property Management Study Guide to be Released Soon

For those who have been asking about the next study guide in the series—here’s a quick update. We are hard at work on the Principles of Property Management study guide. Each guide requires an extensive content development timeframe to ensure you receive a helpful, accurate and powerful study tool. The finishing touches are underway and the tentative […]


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New Features to Enhance Your Passit Study Sessions

The Passit development team is passionate about providing an outstanding study experience when preparing for OREA exams. We are excited to offer many new, helpful features in each Passit Guide: Single Sign On – All of your Passit Guides will now be consolidated under one Passit account. Login and guide activation is quick and easy, and […]


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