The Commercial Real Estate Transaction

Retail, office and industrial real estate may be unfamiliar territory for many. Get ready for floor area ratios, space planning, clear spans, sale/leasebacks, investment options, cash flows, taxation, and the intricacies of business sales and commercial leasing. The exam is heavily weighted toward math calculations. Let Passit be your trusty guide through the twists and turns of the commercial world. There’s lots of practice questions, math solutions and easy-to-understand topic tips. For Passit Guide details for this course visit Passit for The Commercial Real Estate Transaction.

Man Completing Commercial Real Estate Forms

40+ MCQs Added to 'The Commercial Real Estate Transaction'

Exam developers assume that you have a solid working knowledge of agreements of purchase and sale studied in The Real Estate Transaction—General, when enrolling in The Commercial Real Estate Transaction. Therefore, we’ve added more than 40 MCQs directly focused on the Agreement of Purchase and Sale—Commercial (OREA Form 500). For many, these will be a review and […]


New Ontario Real Estate Study Guide Announcement

Available Now! The Commercial Real Estate Transaction

For those who have been anxiously awaiting its release, The Commercial Real Estate Transaction study guide is available to purchase now! With 500+ multiple choice questions, 300+ rapid recalls and 200+ crossword clues, it’s an extremely powerful exam prep tool for only $27.99 plus tax. This guide also includes an additional 40+ MCQs in the Form 500 […]


New Passit Guide Coming Soon

The Commercial Real Estate Transaction – Arriving In April

For those who are anxiously awaiting The Commercial Real Estate Transaction study guide, we wanted to provide a quick update. We are hard at work on the study guide for The Commercial Real Estate Transaction. Each of our study guides require an extensive content development timeframe to ensure you receive a helpful, accurate and powerful study tool. The […]


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